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Skyflakes -> Epoch (10/23/2019 0:13:48)

If I buy the next Epoch trinket calendar alone without the calendar 2017 containing the original epoch, can I still use the class?

Ultima29 -> RE: Epoch (10/23/2019 0:25:46)

you'll get the Epoch class as well as the 2020 trinket with the 2020 calendar

Jay -> RE: Epoch (10/23/2019 2:07:57)

Just to clarify, Epoch was first released with the 2018 Calendar, not 2017 (which was ShadowWalker of Time), and the item you receive is an Artifact Bracer, not a Trinket; you may still equip a Trinket alongside the Legion Epoch Artifact Bracer should you purchase the 2020 Calendar.

Skyflakes -> RE: Epoch (10/23/2019 7:42:59)

Thanks y'all.

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