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AlabasterJones -> Twig and other Moglins? (10/28/2019 13:54:52)

Hey so I've been running around a lot since the semi-recent update and such. I've been trying to find the beloved mainstay moglins, as well as those seen on the kickstarter page that would be plushies. However, I notice that a good majority of them in-game are literally plushies...not the actual moglins. They're all stitched and stuff. Even the backer reward abilities of summoning the moglins for different effects just summons plush versions of them and not the actual moglins. So where in the game do these moglins actually appear? I especially want to see the real Twig. I assumed he'd be at the inn or somewhere like in most installments, however I have yet to see him in person. Can anyone tell me where these lil fellows actually are? Especially Twig?

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