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melinalowks -> Eggzooka 2014 (11/3/2019 21:41:28)

As the name suggusts, I suggust that the people that bought the Eggzooka in February 28, 2014, have their Eggzooka's renamed to "Eggzooka 2014", and possibly like the Stun Blaster and Cannon 2018, have a reduced rarity.

As compensation of a reduced rarity, maybe you could offer the "Energy Eggzooka 2014" to those who bought the Eggzooka in 2014, either giving to them to their inventory for free, or have a special shop to obtain it.

8x -> RE: Eggzooka 2014 (11/4/2019 13:17:00)

As far as I know they are tracking varium purchases, but not credit purchases. So, I'd imagine it would be pretty difficult to determine which are the bug Eggzookas. And since both original and bug Eggzooka are technically identical, I think they would have to manually change all of the bug Eggzookas to "Eggzooka 2014".

Lets just leave that whole mess buried and not dredge up the past... :/

The new stun blasters have the horrible "2018" tag in their names, which is enough of a penalty, if you ask me. (Don't get me wrong, I hate the fact that they brought old rares back, but I understand their point of view.)

NDB -> RE: Eggzooka 2014 (11/4/2019 14:41:04)

Didn't the bugged 2014 one sell for varium though? In that case, it would have been tracked.

Personally, if it can be done, I would like to see it get the 2014 tag. I have no idea why you would give these people the chance to buy the energy one too though.

.Lord Ginger. -> RE: Eggzooka 2014 (11/4/2019 15:19:21)

It was purchasable for credits, so this would have to be a manually done thing, and good luck with that.

WhiteTiger -> RE: Eggzooka 2014 (11/5/2019 2:14:09)

I think that this bug that happened over 5 years ago is best left in the past.

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