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Ianthe -> =AQ, Dev, Balance= Game Engine 45 (11/14/2019 12:13:16)

Game Engine 45

Cap'n did some boring behind-the-scenes stuff.

Game Engine 45.1

  • Added the ability for us to scale monsters' level to whatever we want, so that we don't have to make nine copies for all different tiers. Now we just need one tier and it'll scale properly!
  • Cap'n did some boring behind-the-scenes stuff.

  • Ianthe -> RE: =AQ, Dev, Balance= Game Engine 45 (3/22/2020 23:18:32)

    Game Engine 45.2
    Boring stuff that got folded into,

    Game Engine 45.3
  • New status icons!
  • Fixed some bugs with Freeze statuses when applied to the player.
  • Cleaned up some of the code around starting/ending pet+guest turns

  • Ianthe -> RE: =AQ, Dev, Balance= Game Engine 45 (12/2/2020 16:23:23)

    Game Engine 45.4
  • The damage popup now has a different display when the monster hits an Unlucky Strike (like, a Lucky Strike when they have negative LUK).
  • Updated the graphics for the monster's SP when it's going to launch a skill attack next turn.
  • Player SP regen is now affected by your healing modifier.
  • Minor added functionality to make things easier for me.

    Game Engine 45.41
  • Fixed a bug with the new Unlucky Strike display when using old element icons.

  • Ianthe -> RE: =AQ, Dev, Balance= Game Engine 45 (1/28/2021 19:52:30)

    Game Engine 45.5
    - Flee cost is now capped at [your max SP].
    - Added some functions that'll allow items to modify your max HP/MP/SP.

    Ianthe -> RE: =AQ, Dev, Balance= Game Engine 45 (7/8/2021 14:59:01)

    More a balance+status update than an engine update, but I figure I should mention it here.

    1) At the start of combat, your SP is increased to [one standard Melee skill] if it's less than that. That's 395 SP at level 150. Nothing's different if your SP is higher than that.

    2) The Initiative Boost status now gives an extra +50% damage to weapon attacks/spells/pet attacks/guest attacks on the first turn if you got the jump. Some terms and conditions apply:
    -- You need to have the Init Boost status active when rolling initiative.
    -- The boost is tied to the Init Boost status. If the status isn't active, then you don't get the boost.
    -- It doesn't have to be the same source of Init Boost. You can get the jump in Whispering Raiment and change to Abyssal Hydrocampus while keeping the boost. You can even change to Geocastellum in between and you'll still have the boost once you swap to Abyssal Hydrocampus.
    -- This only applies to the player. Monsters don't get bonus damage.

    Ianthe -> RE: =AQ, Dev, Balance= Game Engine 45 (11/11/2021 20:02:23)

    Game Engine 45.6
    10 characters!

    Game Engine 45.7
    Various minor updates for Necromancer.

    Game Engine 45.71
    Bug fixes.

    Game Engine 45.72
    - Fixed an issue where fleeing from combat didn't properly end combat effects.
    - Fixed an issue where switching between characters could prevent some status effects from ending.

    Ianthe -> RE: =AQ, Dev, Balance= Game Engine 45 (3/27/2022 0:18:48)

    Game Engine 45.73
    - New popups and battle log! Thanks 133spider!
    - Melee weapon attack and spells now use STR*3/20 + LUK/40 for BTH.
    - Magic weapon attack and spells now use INT*3/20 + LUK/40 for BTH.
    - Ranged weapon attacks and spells now use DEX/8 for damage.
    - Blocking is back at DEX/10 + LUK/20.
    - Your initiative bonus is now +(LUK + STR/2 +DEX/2 + INT/2)/2.
    - New: All weapon attack now gain +STR/160 stat damage.
    - Players and monsters now gain +END/50 status resistance.
    - Players and monsters now gain +[END/20]% incoming HP healing.

    - We dropped the planned DEX bonuses to initiative and status potence. Upon reflection, they were excessive.

    Ianthe -> RE: =AQ, Dev, Balance= Game Engine 45 (4/23/2022 11:48:48)

    Game Engine 45.74
    (from 133spider)
    - Added battle log info for Hit & Special rolls
    - Added battle log info for breaking free from status effects rolls
    > Bleed
    > Blind
    > Cold
    > Panicked
    > Sleep

    - Added battle log info for status inflictment rolls
    > Control
    > Daze
    > Entanglement
    > Fear

    Game Engine 45.75
    - Added some functionality because I had a bad idea and no one stopped me :3

    Ianthe -> RE: =AQ, Dev, Balance= Game Engine 45 (6/9/2022 1:36:00)

    I kinda coded up this fix, and then forgot about it, and then accidentally rolled it last update. Whoops!

  • Hypercrit now only affects player stuff. There's a new Hypercritical Pet status for pets (and a [currently disabled] Hypercritical Guest status for guests, but you'll probably never see it).
  • Hypercrit is now multiplicative. Instead of +50% crit rate, you now do *6. Either way you go from 10% to 60%, but now it interacts nicely with other stuff.

  • The Hollow -> RE: =AQ, Dev, Balance= Game Engine 45 (6/10/2022 13:53:02)

    Game Engine 45.76
    (Thank you 133spider!)
  • Added colors to the Battle Log to better distinguish actions:
    Blue - Player
    Red - Enemy
    White - Everything else

  • The clear log button has been changed top to the letter C.
  • The hide/show buttons have been changed to -/+. - displays if the log is open and + displays if the log is closed.
  • While disabled, the battle log will continue to log in the background -- the battle log also clears after every battle.
  • When battle log reaches the cap of x messages (default 100 - changeable in settings), it will clear the oldest x/2 messages.
  • Fused the battle log damage messages into one.
  • Updated the popup messages appearance.

  • Ianthe -> RE: =AQ, Dev, Balance= Game Engine 45 (6/25/2022 1:08:04)

    Game Engine 45.77
    - Decreased stat bonuses to blocking from DEX/8 + LUK/40 to DEX/50 + LUK/50
    - Increased stat bonuses to BTH from stat*3/40 to stat*4/50
    - Monster blocking has been increased and monster BTH decreased to compensate
    - Increased STR's bonus weapon damage from STR/160 to STR/80
    - Fixed some messaging when the engine estimates attack damage.

    Currently in testing:
    - Ranged damage now starts at x0.75 damage and increases by x0.06 per turn, to a max of x1.29 damage. This applies to weapon attack and spells. Skills+spells get "half" the modifier, starting at x0.875 and gaining x0.03 per turn, to a max of x1.145

    Ianthe -> RE: =AQ, Dev, Balance= Game Engine 45 (7/28/2022 19:17:58)

    Game Engine 45.78
    - Mobs no longer get DEX to dodging.
    - Reduced mob BTH; they now get a total of STAT*4/50 instead of STAT*4/25.

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