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dfo99 -> toxic granade (11/15/2019 13:10:27)

in which patch it get the dmg nerfed from 100% to 85%? i did not see this one...

8x -> RE: toxic granade (11/15/2019 15:56:27)

I think I noticed the damage change after the October 18, 2019 update, but it might have been changed earlier.

dfo99 -> RE: toxic granade (11/15/2019 20:51:27)

well.. i change the class unaware of this.. it is weired because i don't remember miss and design notes news..

8x -> RE: toxic granade (11/16/2019 7:45:48)

I checked older design notes and didn't notice it either. I guess it was an intended change, but they forgot to write it in the design notes.

dfo99 -> RE: toxic granade (11/16/2019 11:30:20)

it totally ruined my build and i have to change the class... damn...

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