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WarMachine -> Launcher Bug (11/20/2019 16:47:58)

Since your recent update to the launcher Epic Duel Play Button doesn't work. I didn't try other games. Until this bug is fixed I can't use the launcher to play Epic Duel.

.Lord Ginger. -> RE: Launcher Bug (11/20/2019 20:37:51)

It works for me.

WarMachine -> RE: Launcher Bug (11/21/2019 0:45:51)

I cleared the cache and now the play button works for me.

Teufel Hunden -> RE: Launcher Bug (11/25/2019 16:29:01)

Since it looks as though this was not a bug, locking this thread up.

Have a great day and good luck in future endeavors

~Teufel Hunden
~Da Bomb Expert

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