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.Lord Ginger. -> Buff screaming soul spears (11/24/2019 13:50:00)

This move is still worse than frost shards and it's a varium core. It shouldn't be healable and shoulddo more damage to energy and hp, and do full damage

dfo99 -> RE: Buff screaming soul spears (11/28/2019 16:34:17)

so, are you the one asking for the dev buff the varium things... then don't get mad when get called p2w noob.. the cyber shark over nerf and plasma fly now op is a game quit devs move for some ppl..

.Lord Ginger. -> RE: Buff screaming soul spears (11/28/2019 20:58:21)

1) I never asked for a cyber shark nerf,
2) I asked for MULTIPLE azrael's punisher nerfs and I have the gun,
3) Captain's Charge is a very good core but a lot of people have it now so I don't really care.
4) Someone calls me a p2w win noob, cool, I know that's not true, they're just salty.
5) Omega Wolf stuff kinda dumb and I tried to get it nerfed and armageddon said no, and now its for credits and everyone has it now

6) If you pay for it, it shouldn't be trash. I think the cyber shark got nerfed too hard, it should have the damage back to 100% and just have the health gain be lowered.

melinalowks -> RE: Buff screaming soul spears (11/29/2019 2:11:10)

@dfo99 Ginger has a point, even a knife does also. Tell me, would you pay $100 USD for Internet that's really slow? If the answer is no, then same thing with varium.

I don't get why you would bring up these other items that have nothing to do with buffing of screaming soul spears core. You sound like my local politicans that love changing the subject when asked a question lol.

@.Lord Ginger. I agree with you that the core should be buffed, since it's pretty useless, especially if it's worth varium! I think it's silly that a varium core is weaker than a core worth credits.

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