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GoldenLion -> Znfinity Gauntlets and Mogloween Z-Token discounts (12/2/2019 21:19:05)

Hi all. I'm really glad AQ came around with another 50% off this soon since the last one -- thanks staff!
I'm trying to use this time to grab some things I missed out on last time. Especially GGBs.

1. For a lv150 Pure Warrior and Pure Mage build, what Znfinity Gauntlets would be best? Are they must-have items or something I can get by without them?
I know they were more popular with the release of the last Marvel movie but I'm giving them a harder look with the discount being around. I also missed them the first time around.

2. I noticed there are 2 Mogloween Paintings. Why? Is there one that is superior to the other? If I get it I'm looking to access all Mogloweens forever, at a discount :)
So Mogloween Portal Painting vs Mogloween '19 Portal Painting.

Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks.

lolerster -> RE: Znfinity Gauntlets and Mogloween Z-Token discounts (12/2/2019 21:42:51)

From the most useful to the least useful for a FO warrior:

1. Power: Easily the best option for every build due to the elemental vulnerability active.
2. Time: guaranteed stun and defense reduction actives.
3. Soul: More efficient than Essence Orb and has compression effects, but not necessary because of Essence Orb.
4. Space: Decent item. Nothing special overall.
5. Mind: Useless for warriors.

I'm pretty sure the 2 paintings are the same.

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