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ur going to fail -> Thoughts on More Inventory Space? (12/16/2019 14:38:45)

Hi guys!

Long time beta player here and sort of silent forum user

Inventory space for F2P.. 30 slots has been not enough lately honestly.

With the new update, I'm maxed out at 30 trying to buy the seasonals and can't buy everything I want. I've sold even powerful gear to make room for other cores I wanted.

My new character is 88877753 if you wish to check out...

Should there be a non var option to buy inventory space?

Or maybe dev's will change the minimum inventory space from 30 to 40 or 45 permanently for all players like they've increased it before in other games like AQW.

What's your thoughts?

NDB -> RE: Thoughts on More Inventory Space? (12/16/2019 15:21:55)

No to them being buyable with credits. That should never be a thing and it's not like that in AQW either.

I do think it's completely reasonable for them to raise the minimum from time to time and during gifting seems like an appropriate time. It does make me pretty sad to see free players struggling with this.

dfo99 -> RE: Thoughts on More Inventory Space? (12/16/2019 17:08:45)

if i suddently became rich enough to buy ed from artix, the first thing i would do is set inventory space and buddy list to be purchasable with credits and almost free class change since ed balance is constantly changing, but i believe the game would be far more profitable due my other ideas which would bring old players back..

RaXZerGamingZ -> RE: Thoughts on More Inventory Space? (12/16/2019 17:26:36)

well you have a free bank and a free home which you can store 20 items

ur going to fail -> RE: Thoughts on More Inventory Space? (12/16/2019 21:09:42)


Completely forgot there was a bank! I was struggling hard with just 30 slots

Is there a way to buy more banks or is it var only?

.Lord Ginger. -> RE: Thoughts on More Inventory Space? (12/17/2019 0:37:30)

It is varium only, 295 varium for 10 slots.

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