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December 20th, 2019
Gifting 2019 Continues

Gifting 2019 continues with new home items, new styles, a new achievement and new gifting prizes! The prize pool has been expanded with some new prizes that may give you an incentive to check the gift before turning it in for store credit(s)!

Festive Home Decor
Decorate your Winter wonderhome for the season with some new seasonally-themed home items!

Seasonal Styles
Check out new Frost Knight styles in CC and non-CC varieties to complement Bido's Frost Knight armor! But where is this armor? Be sure to collect all the daily gifts and your prize drop gifts to find them (there are 2 varieties to collect)!

Frost Warrior 3.0
IThe old Frost Warrior 2.0 has been retired and updated with a 3.0 variant. Boost those rating points by collecting a new seasonal achievement! You should have plenty of credits by now so it should be an insta-buy from your personal Achievement shop!

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