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stevenqwaszx123 -> "The First Legion" Recruitment Centre (12/29/2019 1:30:40)

Greetings Everyone,

I believe that there aren't many active players in AQW as compared to the past but I would like to start my guild afresh by gathering active players that can be supportive and helpful to one another.

The requirements are fairly simple and non-stringent:
1. Everyone and Anyone is accepted as long as you are an English Speaker.
2. As long as you are active for at least once (1 day) per week (Example, during the weekly updates of content)
3. My guild currently have 50 slots (remnants of the past) so I would be limiting the entry of Players Level 50 and below to a maximum of 10 players.
4. I will also be limiting Level 80 and below to a maximum of 30 players so that we will have sufficient slots for higher level players to assist (help) the rest.

IF the guild is able to expand further, I will consider expanding the guild to a 100 slots.
In the past, my guild is famous for giving out free Artix Points to active members and as such I will be considering giving out free Artix Points (in Gift Code Format, your account information is not needed) when the guild hits 50 active members in 2020. PROJECTED DATE will be around May 2020 for now.
Projected Guild Events:
Artix Points Lottery (May 2020)
Points will be varied according to the growth and bonds within the guild.
Planned Prizes:
1st 10000 Artix points
2nd 5000 Artix points
*points may be divided up in the future so that more members can win (we'll see :P)

Guild Name: The First Legion (Previously Zeref)
Guild Leader: LucienLegionnaire (https://www.aq.com/character.asp?id=LucienLegionnaire)
I'm fairly active I would say, usually playing about 2-3 days per week (mostly weekends).

If you are interested you can drop me an email stevenqwaszx@gmail.com or just reply this thread. I am not able to guarantee that I will be checking on this forum daily so it is recommended to just drop me an email.
Or message me through Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/LucienArtsCreation/


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