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.Lord Ginger. -> Arcade Gold Rate (12/29/2019 15:49:48)

I thought the gold % is roughly 1%?

Putting this in bugs because 1100 tokens with 0 golds is EXTREMELY unlikely... even with a 1% gold rate...

8x -> RE: Arcade Gold Rate (12/29/2019 16:51:22)

I'm not sure they ever confirmed that it's around 1%? It just seems like something that everyone would just assume to be the logical percentage. The only jackpot I ever got from arcade was the hoverbike, and that took a lot of tires.

Edit: Thinking about it more, 1%, 1 in a 100 actually seems like way too high of chance for a gold prize. I wouldn't be surprised if it was much lower and I still wouldn't think of it as an unfair percentage.

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