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.Lord Ginger. -> Balance suggestions (12/30/2019 20:43:18)

The current meta:

Since pirate captain armor came out, there has been an increase of strength builds, which is really good for changing up the diversity of the game, but itís also become a big nuisance with the extremely high health strength builds since captainís charge actives at a health percentage. This activation percentage allows strength builds to use the core with at least 2 turns to spare without dying, allowing for some extreme hits, especially considering Tech Mages with malfunction and then deadly aim on top of it.

Things I think that can be changed about Tech Mage:

Malfunction needs to scale more with dexterity and scale less because of nothing. 21+35 dexterity allows for a -44-technology malfunction on 6, and with reroute, having malfunction on 6 isnít a problem.
Azraelís Borg is a common robot used with the Tech Mages since it allows 2 turns for an insane malfunction to work, it takes away most of the buff and is usable infinitely many times. I think this robot can go down to being 60% and/or being usable only once. This Borg is only usable with strength builds, so I think this is a fair change to it. For a focus buff to this robot (not like anyone will use it), I believe the special should do 100% damage.
These are roughly the only changes that I can say for Tech Mages, besides maybe making malfunction to support (like it used to be) which would bring back the support TM, while still having strength be a viable build.

Things that can be changed about Tactical:

Crippling strike is an extremely good move, and the whole point is to benefit strength builds because it ignores defense, and it deserves a small nerf, the move is insane.
Moves like these (that are more recent with the new promotion cores) are basically focus murdering moves since they take away defense/resistance, which is a major part of a focus build. Moves like these also make caster tech mage a worse and worse build to try and use.
I would like to see a scale increase in the ultimate move to allow focus builds to use it, since itís a very uncommonly used move.

Things that can be changed about Cyber Hunter:

Nanotech armor isnít a great move and Iíd like to see a defense buffing move back in itís place because the change was an ill-advised one.
EMP Grenade can get a buff since it still doesnít drain much energy and isnít worth much.
Cyber has a lot of potentially useful skills, more than any other class, but thereís not enough skill points so even thinking about dumping a few in nanotech is very unfortunate.
I can see gene augment getting a buff to be 20% at the cap because itís a mediocre skill for CH.

Skill Changes:

Field Medic should increase more with support and increase more per level than the current 25. 35 would be a nice start.

Core Changes:

Cores that debuff defenses like Captainís Charge, buccaneer, Azraelís Borg can afford being nerfed to help focus builds. (Azraelís Aux can stay for now)
Lifeline can be buffed back to 300 since it was nerfed and tanks were instantly dead after it.
Azraelís Will: Can be changed to being 100%. This was a promotion and the gun isnít that great anymore. The core energy cost is also way too high; it should be reduced to like 110 or 100.
Azraelís Torment: Can be changed to being 100%
Poison Barbs: Aux special should do 100% damage

Robot Changes:

Azraelís Borg nerf to 60% - while increasing damage to 100%
Infernal Android buff- Raise to 135% and have it increase by 7% each round Ė starting at 86%. 7 turns to be fully warmed up.
Botanical Hazard: Make poison spores go up to 55%
Cyber Shark Ė bring special back to 100% damage since the nerf killed the robot
Botanical Borg Ė Make the special back to undeflectable and have it do 90% if it hits multiple targets

Changes to help tank builds:
Take away the defense/resistance diminishing returns that were added so focus builds can live.
*This is a really important change*

Foulman -> RE: Balance suggestions (1/5/2020 0:02:29)

I don't understand why Nanotech Armour should be weaker and more expensive than Active Shadow Arts.

And the def/res changes really need to happen, now that Dex does basically nothing for most focus builds apart from improving defense. I don't agree with making TM's malf improve with support again; dex is on its last legs by now.

Armagedon2018 -> RE: Balance suggestions (1/5/2020 13:52:46)

Tm malf improve with support no, impossible now that gun improves with strengh.
I just want know if all this problem is only due to captain'charge. If this is so, captain's charge would be nerfed. I have heard is still broken.

Malfunction and Azraelís Borg , indeed.

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ur going to fail -> RE: Balance suggestions (1/5/2020 18:03:04)

I have to strongly disagree to nerf malf currently

This would cripple any other TM build other than str TM

str TM is a problem currently, but it's not for 5 focus BH (just an example)

I suggest coming up with a different idea than nerfing malf, I don't have any current ideas.

nerfing azreal bot core would not work as many str TM just use yeti bot now, which still needs to be fixed btw.

I believe azrael bot is fine right now

Captain's charge is not the problem Armagedon because lots that don't have that core, use chairman's fury or the heal core and win just fine.

Armagedon2018 -> RE: Balance suggestions (1/5/2020 20:30:29)

Indeed, strengh tm is a problem, but what about the other strengh builds?

.Lord Ginger. -> RE: Balance suggestions (1/5/2020 21:24:11)


The way of changing malfunction to scale with more dex and have a lower base is beneficial to other TM builds. This way of changing malfunction nerfs it for strength builds but should overall buff it for builds that have a decent amount of dexterity, which would be the other TM builds that you speak of.

Taking away the diminishing opens the door to help dex TM/tech TM/ tech CH/tech merc, and more defensive builds in general which is a buff I would like to see to 'nerf' strength.

Besides Strength TM, Strength TLM can be a problem. It beats almost every build except for possibly a BH and probably a strength TM. My recommendation is to make crippling strike weaker so they do not bypass the Focus build defenses nearly as much.

Armagedon2018 -> RE: Balance suggestions (1/8/2020 20:33:08)

If tier of diminishing is eliminated, I would like to see how crippling strike works before nerf a bit.

ur going to fail -> RE: Balance suggestions (1/10/2020 8:20:53)

I support a very small buff to field medic

30hp increases per lvl instead of 5.

And increase more with support. Currently it increases by +1 per 2.5 supp points, how about we adjust it to increase every 2.25 points for now and take it from there, see how it goes.

And maybe a reduction in heal cost by 5 energy points. I'm on the fence for this last idea.

Foulman -> RE: Balance suggestions (1/10/2020 10:47:58)

Or we can give every class unique field medic stats, just like each class has different base energy points. I'm thinking TM with Reroute and no passive Armours could use a higher Field Medic, while Bloodlust classes could get some sort of boost to lifesteal with a reduced initial heal. Passive Armour classes might be able to use a lower initial heal in return for a reverse poison effect.

.Lord Ginger. -> RE: Balance suggestions (1/10/2020 16:30:03)

I support the buffing field medic since it's not that great.

Field medic stats for every class could be interesting and I could see that being nice, not sure about HoT for the armor classes, they're already alright in themselves but it could be interesting.

I would still like to see a reason to invest in energy more besides the occasional caster TM and CH builds.

ur going to fail -> RE: Balance suggestions (1/10/2020 21:47:53)

Unique heals would be too much work for dev's honestly. A lot of thought and time into the balancing that and making sure everything is fair. Maybe later

But for now honestly, buffing field medic looks like a great idea.

The IA buff to 135% is too much honestly. Rage IA with my armor roots on I've seen do 600+ dmg consistently, 135% would be 800+, our base hp is only 750!!

Nerf to crippling strike... I think is unnecessary at the moment because TLM is not OP right now. If it never gets OP this nerf could be a good idea.

.Lord Ginger. -> RE: Balance suggestions (1/11/2020 0:35:06)

I don't know what IA you've been facing. I get 600s on a normal rage for an IA, no armored roots.

135% has the potential to be reasonable, just like how the Omega Frost core goes up to 140%.

Edit: If titan is coding, I really doubt changing medic will be difficult at all.

ur going to fail -> RE: Balance suggestions (1/11/2020 1:22:43)

I could be remembering it wrong, BH with armor roots not a CH or something. I could support 125% buff. Just cringe a bit at 135% tbh if it gets too much.

.Lord Ginger. -> RE: Balance suggestions (1/11/2020 1:30:07)

Looking at a 1.35, if robot damage is 700, robot is 945, which will be a bit much.

I can go with a 1.25/1.3 re-usable.

I want to see this robot actually be used.

Foulman -> RE: Balance suggestions (1/12/2020 7:56:00)

All robots should have reusable skills, with cooldowns tweaked on certain abilities

Armagedon2018 -> RE: Balance suggestions (1/15/2020 12:53:06)

Currently, with the last update, IA is being usable . It could be 125% , but 135% or 130% is really a lot. I think, we could not compare the damage of the bot with the damage of the primary.

Foulman -> RE: Balance suggestions (1/15/2020 21:02:48)

EMP grenade should be buffed - it really isn't an effective energy nuke even at level 8-10.

Armagedon2018 -> RE: Balance suggestions (1/22/2020 11:26:49)

Ch have a high control of energy, which It is a high problem just now .I do not think we would buff it more.

Foulman -> RE: Balance suggestions (1/28/2020 1:12:41)

I'm not liking the removal of EMP for Neurotoxin. I need a reason to invest in Neurotoxin instead of Nanotech, which covers me against all forms of damage. Making an anti-support skill scale with support is a bad idea; it should instead scale with dex or tech.

BM still suffers from the stupidly weak 2 turn EP, while we all know just how broken the 3 turn EP was. BM needs another form of energy control, especially because its Ultimate is so expensive. My suggestion would be to give Reflex Boost for BM the old Reroute effect, giving 15% of damage taken returned as energy. Converting Brutal Strike into an Energy version of Frenzy would be another reasonable change, as long as the skill scaled with dex.

Armagedon2018 -> RE: Balance suggestions (1/28/2020 14:15:23)

It could scale with dex.

Converting brutal strike into an energy version of frenzy, only will help strengh builds but not focus.

Foulman -> RE: Balance suggestions (1/28/2020 20:36:02)

Would it be possible to make a skill decrease with a stat

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