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Drak -> Ultra Guardian gear (1/20/2020 21:18:25)

Where exactly do you get these items? im lost on how to get my account to use them and receive an error code in the tower

Ryu Draco -> RE: Ultra Guardian gear (1/20/2020 21:50:16)

As far as I can tell the process is currently:
1) Unlock Awe gear
2) Upgrade gear to Awe!!! via giftboxes
3) Unlock Ultraguardian gear
4) Go to Guardian Tower
5) Speak to Guardians who handle armor changes (left from first screen)
6) Equip permenant Ultraguardian gear

Drak -> RE: Ultra Guardian gear (1/22/2020 11:45:12)

Its supposed to be 1.2 FO on the guardian robe right? Or was it just the name that changed? mine is still showing old stats on it but it does show the "ultra" on the equipment

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