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Primal Light Dragon -> Is the Storyline as dead as the updates? (2/19/2020 19:35:21)


I've been playing since Omega was implemented, and I'd like to say this: ED is magnificent not for its pvp focus, but for its storyline. Grimdark scifi universes are a dime a dozen, but the storyline of varium and Baelius are superb, and even the places we never get to see (like Jumerna) are a treat to read about.

It's been forever since most of the storyline was written, but the Slayer story was updated... a while after the rest of it. I had hope for updates, if in-game only.

Now, we've been stuck in a cycle of new weapons and new wars. I know the ED team is tiny, but the writers have always turned out top-notch work. Is this is for Epicduel? Are they done forever?

I may seem like a moron for asking this question now, but nothing is guaranteed and I'd love any news available.

One Winged Angel1357 -> RE: Is the Storyline as dead as the updates? (3/14/2020 0:25:18)

I wrote up this wonderful massive post but because I forgot to save cookies I got logged out while I was writing so that's cool.

Anyway take two. As one of the writers during that time frame I always love to hear when people enjoyed the story being told but short of finishing the last few story beats I was aware of the game actually ended in a pretty good place. The last major story beat before the team was scattered to the winds was Baelius being found and discovering he was long dead. The implications of this would likely destroy the legion so that kind of ruins the story reason for the alignment system and war system. I say it would destroy the legion because they are all fanatics for Baelius and suddenly their God is dead.

The collapse of the legion could be a fun arc as train wrecks go but it really looks like we had written ourself into a corner. It would also be cool to figure out why the exile leader still doesn't have a real name but that's not much of an arc. Maybe you could do a series of arcs like the BioBeasts cross over event that talk about things before the rebellion. Fun fact BioBeasts only takes place before EpicDuel because I couldn't figure out how to make it logically fit during EpicDuel. The devs just added too many cool things that didn't exist in EpicDuel to BioBeasts. However; I think anymore pre-rebellion stories would be better suited for an EpicDuel prequel where things can be trimmed up and other systems can be developed properly like the faction system.

This isn't me promising anything I just opened the forums for the first time in months and saw this post as one of the few people who might be qualified to talk about it

Primal Light Dragon -> RE: Is the Storyline as dead as the updates? (6/4/2020 16:27:29)

I really appreciate the update!

I actually think the "Baelius being dead" angle is fascinating; it explains why Alydriah can be found in person in her citadel, but Baelius is only ever seen as a holographic head that says one thing in a vault... and in flashbacks. It would lead to the Legion redefining itself; they've always been, in-game canon, against Alydriah as an Administrator who 'turned against Baelius' vision," so she can't be their new figurehead... probably.

It would lead to... more wars, I guess! Cayden looking for Baelius' tech-mage experimentation for an advantage over Titan, Fortune City's dome being torn down... we could see PROGRESS!

That being said, I can completely understand why the team wouldn't want to go over to about half of their players and say "Welp, your Faction is... dead? Reforming? Was always wrong and sucks so you suck?" And the Exile players... "what were we fighting for?" doesn't seem like it would come up (Baelius is just a bogeyman- the Administrators have been inflicting carnage, and whose been directing them? Have they been all acting as separate warlords, or are some of them cooperating...?) so they'd just receive a massive PR boost and a bunch of people losing motivation to fight in-universe because they were in it for revenge.

Even so, I love the world of Delta V (and Delta IV seemed... planet-ey... before the dragonoid destroyed it. Slayer says it was a war-torn rock, but so's V), and I appreciate everything shared. I especially appreciate the new storylines and questlines, although I'll probably always miss going on the wiki and finding a new bit on Jumerna or the Slayer's reason for being called that.

Oh! And before I forget: Will we ever see Thaddeus? I don't think he's ever been a meetable NPC, and while that fits his lore, I'd love to see what dialogue would be appropriate for a man on Delta V with no constant identity. It's fine if you don't know or want to tell me; I'm just happy to talk about some of the best parts of this game.

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