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Metal Health -> Thoughts on the functionality of the shared Vault system? (2/25/2020 10:01:53)

I just wanted to know what the community thought on the topic concerning the functionality of the current shared vault system we have in place. Would you like to see improvements done? What changes may those be? Or are you content with the current system.

Changes I'd like to see with the current functionality or lack thereof the shared vault system.

1. Cannot sell items within the shared vault. This option i would really like see implemented. Right now you have to move items into an already crowded player inventories to sell no longer wanted items.

2. Cannot cycle items within the shared vault. Unlike items in player inventories we cannot cycle or organize items how we like in the shared vault's current system. When we go to store items here we are left to the mercy of items being tossed into the vault randomly. Although it does keep same items together for the most part. I myself would like to organize various items together by the simple means of keeping items together by their elements.

3. Upgrading items in the shared vault. This may be a bit nit picky but why not. Not all of us have maxed characters at times and we find ourselves storing under leveled items. Instead of transferring unto character inventories then upgrading through account manager. Why not upgrade items from the shared vault through account manager.

Now i know 1 and 3 may be tricky because of the lack of gold currency within the shared vault. But maybe have whatever character is logged into at the time have the gold removed or added from that character. Of course I'm not trying to suggest to have some kinda hack where gold can be easily transferred from high level characters to low level characters that's not my intent here. Not to mention that acquiring vast amounts of gold within the game is really no longer the issue that it once was in the past.

I know this is most likely a project that the Capt'n would have to do. And if some of these little changes could possibly be implemented down the road i know I would be grateful for them. Thanks [:)]

Zoulexchanger -> RE: Thoughts on the functionality of the shared Vault system? (2/25/2020 10:09:16)

Yeah that sounds like a nice improvement to the current shared vault system

Drak -> RE: Thoughts on the functionality of the shared Vault system? (2/25/2020 10:53:55)

It would be nice if we could add items without the entire screen refreshing every time, maybe have a save option we can click ourselves once we finish storing/taking out whatever items we have

Seth Hydra -> RE: Thoughts on the functionality of the shared Vault system? (3/1/2020 13:55:01)

Link two vaults and trade items between them.


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