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Location: Summon Gem: Reaver, Summon Gems: Life & Death, The Reaver Appears!

Level: As player
Damage: Scaled
Damage Type: Pierce
Element: Darkness

HP: Scaled
MP: Scaled

Experience rewarded: Scaled
Gold rewarded: Scaled

STR: Level*5/4
DEX: Level*5/2
INT: Level*5/4
CHA: 50
LUK: Level*5/8
END: Level*5/8
WIS: 0

Avoidance and Defense
Melee: 40 * Level/90 + LUK/20
Pierce: 40 * Level/90 + LUK/20
Magic: 40 * Level/90 + LUK/20
Block: 30 * Level/90 + LUK/20
Parry: 30 * Level/90 + LUK/20
Dodge: 30 * Level/90 + LUK/20

Crit: 15 + LUK/10
Bonus: 5 + Level/5
Boost: 0%

Darkness: 5
Light: -5
Shrink: 200
Immobility: 300

Attack Types
Attack Type 1 - The Reaver summons skeletal arms to grasp at its target, dealing 5 hits of 100% Pierce Darkness damage. This attack attempts to inflict 'Undertow' (a stun) upon its target for 3 turns and automatically applies 'Call of the Dead' (a 66% damage Darkness DoT) to its target for 5 turns.
Attack Type 2 - The Reaver strikes its target with dark pillars, dealing 3 hits of 100% Pierce Darkness damage, with +100 Bonus and +200 Crit. Each successful hit of this attack will heal Reaver for an additional 3% of the damage dealt; 33 successful hits of this attack will permanently increase Reaver's damage by 500%.
Attack Type 3 - The Reaver hurls spectral skulls at its target, dealing 6 hits of 100% Pierce Darkness damage. If at least 1 hit connects, Reaver will remove all status effects (barring 'Undertow' and 'Call of the Dead') from both itself and its target before granting itself 'Reaver's Cloak' (+20 All resist and -20 Health resist; +30 All resist and -30 Health resist if the target is afflicted with 'Undertow') for 4 turns. (Pop-up: Status effects devoured!)

Other information
  • All of the Reaver's attacks ignore 50% of the target's Darkness and All resistances.
  • Each subsequent hit of all direct attacks dealt to the Reaver in a single turn will have its damage reduced by 10%, starting at 0% damage reduction and capping at 100% each turn.
  • The Reaver cannot take more than 50% of its remaining HP, rounded down, from any fatal direct attack.
  • The Reaver follows the skill rotation; Attack Type 1 -> Attack Type 2 -> Attack Type 3 -> Attack Type 2 -> Repeat, with a 50% chance to repeat Attack Type 2 again before restarting the rotation.


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