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Mr. Popo -> Armors with good MRM? (3/19/2020 22:36:31)

So I have not been playing this game for awhile and have noticed some old armors updated to be fairly useful.

Does anyone know of any armors with good MRM? So far I know of:

Frostval Mercenary Garb
Ghost Costume & Fujin armor
StarSlayer & StarSavior
Sneak Garb
Umazen Emancipator Armour- slightly above average MRM but compensates with blind which -BtH=+MRM
Eternal Twilight's Mantle
Jester Masquerade
Lightbringer (shapeshifting spell armor)

+if they have useful skills/effects like umazen, or ghost, piratechaun, twilight, and lightbringer armors
++if compression armor
+++if they are rogue/ninja/assassin themed like frostval merc garb

Regardless, any and all suggestions would be appreciated.

red vector -> RE: Armors with good MRM? (3/20/2020 0:05:49)

Fatal Chimeran Vindicator, especially with its shield +
Horde's Ire

J9408 -> RE: Armors with good MRM? (3/20/2020 14:22:00)

Wyrm Knight's Hide and Wyrm Knight's Crest, will give you the highest MRM possible for a fire armor. Probably the highest in the game without buffs. If the shield is equipped against a burnt enemy, you get +9 MRM.

Horo-Show Void Vigilante with the misc also has very high MRM. Second to Wyrm knight.

Fujin's no Kiyousa is another. It has a 3 turn 24+ MRM defense boost skill. Has a ninja like appearance? The set is japanese inspired.

Mr. Popo -> RE: Armors with good MRM? (3/22/2020 19:58:35)

Any that aren't set based?

J9408 -> RE: Armors with good MRM? (3/22/2020 21:36:51)

Leprechaun Power Au-rmour G MRM 51 46 51
4-Leaf Clover Power Armor 53 48 53
Cyber Shogun (Z tokens) 55 53 51 has a cyber samurai look
Quester's Heavy Gunner(energy) from Warp Wars low magic(45) but good melee and range 53 53
Quester's Heavy Dragon Gunner from rare GB same as heavy gunner but fire
Hunter Armour same as heavy gunner, 53 53 45
In UR now Gilded Mason Form 55 55 45

zfloydz -> RE: Armors with good MRM? (3/23/2020 15:42:44)

Grenwog Rider is not bad with 55, 46, 46, and two awesome skills!
As mentioned above, Star Slayer slays most of the armors with 55, 55, 55.

Mr. Popo -> RE: Armors with good MRM? (3/25/2020 8:00:16)

Been doing some research; the armor encyclopedia has 30 pages of armors (29 full) of 30 armors per page = 870 armors (but we know that there are way more armors that don't have their own individual threads (yet?) that are in the encyclopedia info submission, and some not even in there either). Let's extremely low ball and round up to 900; most (but not all) armors have a z-token variant so let's generously 2= 450. We'll round down to 400 because some armors have different names for a some if not all level variants; and to also compensate for that lack of knowledge of how many armors arent in the main part of the encyclopedia.

In approximately 400 armors (rounding up for each (i.e: if [0<#<5], then 5; if [5<#<10], then 10; if [10<#<15], then 15; etc.), just in case I missed any:
Approximately 30- Have debatably decent MRM for a rogue playstyle
Approximately 10- Are rogue/ninja/assassin themed/looking

This is very disappointing.

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