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Jay -> Envoy (3/21/2020 6:30:00)


Location: Welcome, Guest

Quests given

Shops owned

???: Welcome, user.

Envoy: Please announce your credentials.

Envoy: I see. Would you like to create a new account?

Envoy: As a user, you must have an account to access the facility.

Envoy: Wonderful.
Envoy: Please announce your desired username.

Envoy: Username is already in use.

Envoy: May I suggest <Character>1492?

Envoy: I see. How about <Character>_copy?

Envoy: That's great! Please announce your desired password.

Envoy: Your password is too weak. Please include at least 3 numerals and 2 non-standard -bzzt-.

Envoy: You seem to be having trouble. Would you like to speak to a certified support operator?

Envoy: I'm sorry I couldn't help you with your problem. Estimated wait time for our next available operator is...
Envoy: <Loading...>
Envoy: Error: Numerical overflow.
Envoy: Please enjoy this soothing music while you wait for the next available operator.

Envoy: I see! Pardon my rudeness!
Envoy: Welcome, maintenance staff, to Archive E-189-L.

Envoy: While your remains may not be recoverable, your sacrifice will be remembered in the Archives.

Envoy: Scanning.
Envoy: <Loading...>
Envoy: Instability located in Sector 9255-Y.

Envoy: Pardon me, maintenance staff.
Envoy: Processing request.
Envoy: Instability. In. The. Center. Of. The. Archive. You. Go. There. And. Fix.

Envoy: You. Can. Do. It!

Envoy: Initializing system wipe countdown.

Envoy: Everything. In. Archive. Go. Boom. If. You. Go. Too. Slow.
Envoy: Including. You!

Envoy: System wipe mechanisms type A through ZY-6 can be found in–

Envoy: Have a nice day!


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