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bvd -> Character rating - lvl 150 hybrid (3/23/2020 16:17:28)

Been about 2-3 years

Any armors/weapons to get?

zfloydz -> RE: Character rating - lvl 150 hybrid (3/23/2020 16:37:44)

Werepyre Class enables a Hybrid to utilize the powerful Malicious Devil Werepyre fire armor.

Blade of the Briar (Magic) or Blade of the Thornful Rose (Melee) are nice water weapons. (Defeat Keyote in the Void.)

Umazen Aspis - Energy

Carnation-in-Full-Bloom - Energy (SnuggleFest)
Keyote - Fire (Defeat Keyote in the Void.)

Mecha Knight Power Core - Darkness and Energy
Essence Orb
Elahi Irt of Osiris - Light
Wyrm Knight's Crest - Fire
Bell Shell - Earth, or Father's Day Sock - Wind/Earth (Father's Day seasonal rare)
Void Visor - Ice

Primate Murder -> RE: Character rating - lvl 150 hybrid (3/24/2020 7:05:04)

Welcome back!

As mentioned by Z, the subraces have been updated to modern standards. For a 250 Str/Int hybrid, werepyre is the best choice, as it has a toggle to use Str/Int in place of Dex for stats. That said, vampire has a quickcast stun and werewolf can do some cool Eat Terror shenanigans, so the overall choice is up to you.

According to this skill rating, Bloodzerkers + Morningstar Cross tends to be slightly stronger than bloodmages, so it's something to consider.

Blazing Bloodzerker sword deals +20% weapon damage and +10% fire spell damage for an hp cost, making it superior to other fire weapons. There's also a Terrazerker swordfor earth.

Regal Dragonblade has a point-blank 15% damage bonus, making it a better overall choice for an energy weapon.

Terra Bloodzerker is generally a much stronger earth armor than Warlord, with an hp-costing damage boost and a toggle for 2x earth damage.

You'll want a compression shield to fit it CIT w/o losing an element. Cerberus Ward covers fire/darkness. That way you can fit in Golem Guard (togglable damage reduction) or Golden Dragon Head Shield (boost to LS rate) to cover whatever element is left.

You'll probably want a summon poelala spell for a booster to your magic damage.

Most 0-End builds rely on Purple Rain for meta strategies.

Also as Z mentioned, you Essence Orb really should be in active slots - you rely on sp for a lot of nukes, stuns and effects.

I wouldn't really suggest ele-resist miscs, as modern gameplay generally keeps the monster stun-locked most of the time. Instead, something like Love Potion (qc stun) from Snugglefest would be a much better choice.

Goggernaut Helm is a cheap accuracy booster that doesn't /2 for spells.

Prime Chaos Orb works as a quickcast Raygun, changing monster's resists, while also stacking an FO lean on it, making it take more and more damage.

RobynJoanne -> RE: Character rating - lvl 150 hybrid (3/24/2020 9:48:40)

Primate Murder's post is absolutely fantastic, and you should definitely follow what he says. If you're using the werepyre armors, however, I'll try to justify the usage of dual Poelalas over dual Dunamises. Werepyres have a toggle to use Str and Dex purely for all normal stat bonuses, and they boost the damage of magic weapons to that of melee weapons. Because most other items in the game assume that magic weapons are weaker, they give stronger boosts to compensate. Magic weapons are, thus, superior to melee weapons if we add boosts on top. The weapons Primate Murder links just happen to have melee and magic toggles, so the choice is yours, and dual Dunamises are still superior in other armors.

Prime Chaos Orb will take the place of Scrambler Ray, so Purple Rain should take its place.

I'd also take out Miraculous Recovery because healing spells are incredibly weak at the moment while potions are overpowered. Moonwalker's Grace is great for the bth boost if you use Terra Bloodzerker (or any non-Werepyre armor), or you can add in Arms of the Dragonguard for guaranteed lucky strikes on the next turn. Both have great synergy with Purple Rain.

Dekoras -> RE: Character rating - lvl 150 hybrid (3/24/2020 17:53:17)

A thing to note, unless you don't care about spending real life money, I would suggest keeping double Poe at all times and using purely magic weapons. This is because you will need all 3 booster pets to maximize damage outside of any werepyre armors - ie Dunamis for regular attacks, and Thernda for armor skills, since they convert melee to ranged. This is fairly easy to circumvent, as armor skills will do magic damage if you're holding a magic weapon (generally speaking) and will do the same damage for a slightly higher SP cost. Up to you if you care about max efficiency, but my main is a hybrid and this is the easiest way I've found without spending $100 on Dunamis and Thernda.

Also to add to the above, double Poe + magic weapon will do the same damage as double Dunamis + melee weapon in werepyre armors, due to a game balance formula.

RobynJoanne -> RE: Character rating - lvl 150 hybrid (3/24/2020 20:23:08)

Dekoras is correct. I should have clarified that I meant other boosts (miscs and other things that I can't think of currently) besides booster pet and guest. Poelala gives the melee-level boosts if one's weapons are doing melee-level damage. I'm quite sure that miscs still give magic weapon boosts, though. Others may clarify if I'm wrong.

@Dekoras OP already has dual Dunamises, which is why it's less of an issue. I don't think dual Therndas should be recommended since old-lean armors are not that much more powerful than Bloodzerkers in the proper setup, and the money could be much better spent on Buffalot's Beach Bod and Arcane Amplification.

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