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kamahl92 -> Newsletter subscription (4/27/2020 17:34:42)

Hi everybody, I don't know if this is the right place to ask but some time ago I unsubscribed from receiving de AQ newsletter in my email and now I would like to receive it again. Does anyone know how?

Legendary Ash -> RE: Newsletter subscription (4/27/2020 17:54:12)

Battleon Manage Account - Click confirm email to receive newsletter.

kamahl92 -> RE: Newsletter subscription (4/27/2020 18:13:08)

It says that my email is already confirmed and there's nothing to click. I unsubed directly from the mail.

Legendary Ash -> RE: Newsletter subscription (4/27/2020 18:58:27)

In the FAQ for Artix Game's Newsletters, for AQW's it has the option of re-subscribing via Manage account, there might be a similar button for AQ's.
Otherwise try changing the email to something else, and then change to the intended email and confirm it again.

kamahl92 -> RE: Newsletter subscription (4/28/2020 10:32:48)

Alright man I'll try that and hope it works. Thanks.

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