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Lysergic -> Items to Purchase from GGB (6/3/2020 19:25:21)

Hey guys! I just rolled an UR GGB (and have 2 rare GGBs) and was wondering what to get with them. I was trying to decide between another Bloodzerker armor and Summon Thernda (to boost White Knight Z and HSVV) for UR GGB. Also, is there anything worth buying from the rare boxes? Thank you!

Here's my char page:

joac1144 -> RE: Items to Purchase from GGB (6/3/2020 19:57:58)

There is a Voltaic Bloodzerker armor coming soon. You can replace Taladosian with that if you want.

Otherwise, Call Thernda is a good choice.

Primate Murder -> RE: Items to Purchase from GGB (6/3/2020 23:47:47)

Yeah, Thernda seems like a better choice - it'll boost your light, energy and ice nukes. Otherwise, you might want to check out Quenching Bloodzerker to have a water element nuke.

On a side note, Star Screamer is pretty unexceptional as far as weapons go. You can switch it for Royal Voidrender for harm damage, and replace Horo Show with Frostval Past. Or you can just wait until Voltaic comes and use of your Rares for the Bloodblade.

lolerster -> RE: Items to Purchase from GGB (6/4/2020 12:01:18)

I would suggest Terra Bloodzerker over Voltaic as Earth nukes are rare right now.

However, I agree that Therndas is probably the best buy.

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