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Helmino -> Void dragon War (6/5/2020 19:59:43)

Where can I find these event now? Couldn't find it on "Travel map" and wanted to get a win over last boss without momentum.

joac1144 -> RE: Void dragon War (6/5/2020 21:35:08)

It's currently in Limbo.
Cray wants it to have a permanent place, but it might take a while for them to add it.

Helmino -> RE: Void dragon War (6/6/2020 18:02:18)

Thank you!

Legendary Ash -> RE: Void dragon War (6/6/2020 18:33:44)

Its eventual location is likely to be in Dragonspine as it holds all Dragon themed releases, so check there once every weekend, an older quest The Void Dragons! is also there.

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