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For a long time, Necromancers favored the use of zombies for their resistance to known Paladin magics. Preserved in a near-death state, these gaunt thralls were manipulated through the draining and control of their anima, horribly twisting life's inherent will to endure. With their mind numbed down to nothing more than raw self-preservation, zombies were consumed by a terrible hunger for the life force of the living - And the more they indulged, the more hopelessly they were bound to the Necromancer's will. Eventually, restoration was rendered impossible by either grievous damage or failure to sustain their dwindling life force. They were the scourge of Paladins, whose powers could not grant these tragic creatures reprieve, be it restorative or final.

Now, however, Lore keeps turning.

When the Ley-line of Life and Death burst apart, the spiritual manipulation preserving the zombies of the world faded away. Those that were not able to begin the arduous process of recovery have now decayed past the threshold of true undeath.

Future Paladins, hone your weapons with grim purpose, and let your light shine a swift mercy unto these poor creatures. As their minds are long since gone, may your powers free their tormented spirits. For now that they are beyond the brink, all magics that disrupt undeath will work on them.

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