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Olx -> Suggestion for the forum AQWrolds (6/7/2020 5:34:06)

If the category (Brazilian help) was created with the intention of having more participation of Brazilians in the forum, my suggestions are to create one (guide / topic) that can help new players to seek information in the Brazilian Forum. I will mention some topics that can be added.

1) How to create a guild in Aqwrolds
- With a brief and explanatory text.
-With the guild commands:
/ Gr: Removal of the player from the guild.
/ gi: invite a player to the guild.
/ motd: Important guild notices.
/ gp: Promote guild member (Officers).

2) How to buy Acs + Member
- The correct methods when making a purchase from (ACS + member)

3) For which locations the highest Xp / Gold percentage is (level 10 to 45) or (level 45 to 80)
- / join pirates at levels 10 to 45), 450 experience, 540 gold.

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