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EC 2020 Arena Selection!

Arena OST 1
  9% (1)
Arena OST 2
  18% (2)
Arena OST 3
  18% (2)
Arena OST 4
  36% (4)
Arena OST 5
  18% (2)

Total Votes : 11
(last vote on : 7/3/2020 22:18:59)
(Poll ended: 7/3/2020 23:59:00)


Starflame13 -> EC 2020 Arena Selection! (6/12/2020 15:55:03)

To the writers and poets, fighters and mages, heroes and villains, and everyone in between... it's music teaser time!

There are currently 7 arenas that have been cycled through the Paragon Phase of EC usage: Cellar, Factory, Forge, Fountain, Sky, Spike, and Twilight. Last year, each arena that was used had a set musical theme, an OST if you will, of music that fit the arena experience. This year, 5 of the above arenas have been selected as potential locations for your characters to do battle in!

Typically, anywhere from 2-3 arenas are used each year, subject to the whims of the Director. This year, your votes will determine one of those arenas! Everyone is allowed one vote on which OST's arena they are most excited or intrigued to see, and the winning OST is guaranteed to be one of the arenas used.

This poll closes at 11:59pm EDT on Friday, July 3rd, one week before tournament registration ends. Registration itself will go live in one week. Feel free to join the speculation in the AEF RP discord channel, or check out The Championships section of the forums to view past years events!

The Arena OOCs are listed below:

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