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Firedice18 -> ironthorn shield/CIT (6/27/2020 23:15:32)

I tried searching for its info subs but i cant find it.

Did it got reworked? I just noticed it now gives str drive. Can someone give me details of its update. Sorry for asking..

battlesiege15 -> RE: ironthorn shield/CIT (6/27/2020 23:23:29)

Here are the info subs for it. It was reworked a few days ago

Primate Murder -> RE: ironthorn shield/CIT (6/27/2020 23:23:36)

Ironthorn Shield update.

Basically, it's now an earth shield with a Str drive and proper level tiers.

Edit: Lol, ninja'd by seconds!

Firedice18 -> RE: ironthorn shield/CIT (6/27/2020 23:26:11)

So mages wont benefit to cit anymore?

lolerster -> RE: ironthorn shield/CIT (6/27/2020 23:26:32)


Firedice18 -> RE: ironthorn shield/CIT (6/27/2020 23:30:35)

Oh my gosh i will have a hard time thinking for a new strat killing.boss with mage. Hmm anyways lets see..

Primate Murder -> RE: ironthorn shield/CIT (6/27/2020 23:43:15)

Have you considered using spells? ;)

On a more serious note - Wizard Robes (imbue toggles) are now the strongest nukes, and Bloodmages after them. Old lean armors and Bloodzerker Cross are only a bit weaker, even w/o CIT.

Firedice18 -> RE: ironthorn shield/CIT (6/27/2020 23:45:15)

I use spells first but when Im out of manna i rely on cit for finishing. Anyways ill find ways to replace something worth beneficial to my mage.

I just hope pixel ether would be available soon. I really need it since CIT wont benefit anymore

lolerster -> RE: ironthorn shield/CIT (6/28/2020 0:29:39)


On a more serious note - Wizard Robes (imbue toggles) are now the strongest nukes, and Bloodmages after them. Old lean armors and Bloodzerker Cross are only a bit weaker, even w/o CIT.

Note that Bloodmage is only stronger than old standard armors and the likes of Bloodzerker + Morningstar IF you have the corresponding Athame/Cutlass, most of which are rare rare and is not available for every single element. If you use match bloodblades as a spell booster, bloodmage pulls ahead slightly, but after taking into consideration that misc damage boosters only boost spells by 1/2 the power, blooddzerker + mornignstar and old standard armors still pull ahead.

Wizard Robes, even when lore imbued using the elemental-specific variants, are only more powerful than Morngingstar + Bloodzerker when using burst spells. Fire/Dark/Wind have variants that cost gold, but the other elements are only available as premium items. Even when using the appropriate cutlass for spellboosting while lore imbued, without a burst spell, you are only looking at something like a 0.5% increase in damage on wizard robes, which again falls behind bloodzerker + morningstar/old standard armor once we consider that most miscs boost spell damage half as effectively.

The best offensive shield for mages right now is Celtic Wheel, which is the Int equivalent of the new CIT.

battlesiege15 -> RE: ironthorn shield/CIT (6/28/2020 19:08:25)

Unfortunately, Pixel Ether is a GGB rare so it won't be available anytime soon. However, there may be some items in the future that behave similarly.

You could possibly look into mana regeneration once you're out of spell power. Soluna and Fairy Godmother are good sources alongside other miscs and Infinita Staff.

There's also summon Poelala guest and pet (which should both be in your active inventory if you're relying on pure damage). Just note the recent CIT change also affects the booster guest/pets. The info is in the same link I & Primate Murder posted

joac1144 -> RE: ironthorn shield/CIT (6/28/2020 19:58:35)


Unfortunately, Pixel Ether is a GGB rare so it won't be available anytime soon

Pixel Ether is a Guardian Giftbox, so it will stay rare.

lolerster -> RE: ironthorn shield/CIT (6/28/2020 20:02:42)

There aren't any great non-rare options for mana regen to go with Wizard Robes. The only 2 items I would recommend are Pixel Ether and Zfinity Gauntlet: Mind. Stuff like Fairy Godmother and Soluna generate mana very slowly whereas the goal of using wizard robes is to finish a fight in 1-2 turns, meaning they generate mana too slowly to make ANY impact. Not to mention they take up the slot of Poelala, lowering your damage.

Infinita staff needs to be run alongside armors with weapon-based skills (e.g. Torontosaurus, Bloodzerker), as its regular attacks restores mana too slowly to matter.. Furthermore, it takes up your weapon slot, meaning you can't run athames/cutlasses, which would kind of defeat the purpose of switching to wizard robes, as it doesn't really win out in damage against Bloodzerker + Morningstar without those.

Legendary Ash -> RE: ironthorn shield/CIT (6/28/2020 21:06:05)

Mana Potion is the strongest choice that cost nothing and is always available for use, they are easy to refill at your house.

lolerster -> RE: ironthorn shield/CIT (6/28/2020 22:22:30)

mana pot is probably the best option for op, but the main issue is that it's not QC.

Firedice18 -> RE: ironthorn shield/CIT (6/29/2020 8:44:00)

Thank you guys. I already Discarded/sell the CIT

Let me know what items I should switch. Im planning to buy sapphire wing staff just in case.

And also strawberry shield (very soon once ECQ is over)

Too bad i missed the chance to buy cutlasses. I should stick with wizard robes for burst.

Here is my character

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