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vvs1 -> Character Help (7/11/2020 12:38:58)

Coming back after a while and I need help with my character regarding equipment and stats. I don't like FO mage I am more into warrior/hybrid, I am also into nukes so I will get the kindred set when I am 150. Right now I have 3 UR GGB, 2 R GGB that are unopened. If I sell my house I will have around 38k z-tokens but if I wait for a few more months when all z-token items are half I will probably have around 40k. I plan on getting white knight z when that happens but what other armor, weapons, misc, shields, spells should I get and what should I sell?

This is my char page:

tman2177 -> RE: Character Help (7/11/2020 13:38:50)

Hey man, I'm just coming back from a long break from the game myself. There have been many updates and new releases since then. I'd like to help you with your stats, but I'm no expert, but one thing I will say is that I think you're spreading your points too thinly and to choose more important stats that you want to focus on and put the points there. Here's my character page and you can see I'm no stat genius either lol As for Armor, I'd suggest this : I think there are similar pages here on the forums that discuss shields, weapons, spells and miscs. One thing I haven't seen is build guides, there are a few for some builds, but not for hybrids or variations so it's kinda up to us to choose what wewant to do which is tough without any guidelines.
Hope this helps you, man.

Primate Murder -> RE: Character Help (7/11/2020 13:45:49)

Welcome back!

First of all, I'd like to note that the stat cap has been raised to 250, so even at lvl 150 you can only max out three stats. What end build are you going for? Pure warrior with 250 Str/Dex/Luck? Werepyre hybrid with 250 Str/Int/Luck? Classic hybrid with 250 Str/Dex/Int?

Depending on the answer, I can provide you with a full character rating for the modern meta.

tman2177 -> RE: Character Help (7/11/2020 14:03:19)

I am a werepyre and my current build is sort of a hybrid build but I have 150 DEX and 200 STR INT and LUK

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vvs1 -> RE: Character Help (7/12/2020 10:33:53)

Thanks guys! I am thinking either werepyre hybrid or classic hybrid whichever is better!

Primate Murder -> RE: Character Help (7/12/2020 15:01:45)

Werepyre Hybrid is slightly more meta, as 250 Luck + Ambush Potion (and Whispering Raiment in rare cases) gives you the initiative to always go first, as well as small bonuses to damage, accuracy, blocking and status inflictions. It is fairly rigid though - you have to limit yourself to werepyre armors (though they do cover every element) or use werepyre swords/spells if you do not want to loose a quarter of your accuracy.

Classic Hybrid does not have points left over for luck, but it's a lot more versatile, allowing you to use nearly any armor and weapon in the game.

Frankly, both of them are completely viable, so I suggest just picking whichever one you'll have the most fun playing.

Which one would you like a rating for?

Legendary Ash -> RE: Character Help (7/12/2020 15:19:04)

Werepyre subrace armors have a toggle to split damage and accuracy between Str and Int, thus any active stat boosts to Str/Int will be halved in effectiveness, its more offensive than classic Hybrid due to having Luk, but is worse defensively due to lacking Dex that provides the majority of blocking defenses.

The downside of Str/Int/Luk hybrid is that its restricted to Werepyre armors whose Elecomp is at a moderate *1.53 value, high *1.85 Elecomp standard armors and standard pets/guests will lose in effectiveness as they lack Dex's accuracy, standard spells from spell slots will have to be casted in conjunction with Werepyre's Lv 10 Transformation toggle to force them to use Str/Int/Luk.

Thus the choice between these two types should not be made by us and it should be stated to us prior to offering recommendations to equipment.

vvs1 -> RE: Character Help (7/12/2020 19:57:13)

Good advice! Lets go with the classic hybrid because I want to use more than just werepyre armors

vvs1 -> RE: Character Help (7/12/2020 22:28:39)

Just want to reiterate I like nukes and I have 3 UR ggb and 2 rare GGB. I am assuming you will say for a part of the rating to get poelala and dunamis so which one should I get since I will have max strength and int?

Primate Murder -> RE: Character Help (7/13/2020 2:18:56)

Let's see...


The best energy weapons are currently rare - so make Energy your no-drop element. Most FO builds also align their Awe special to PWD for that 4% insta-kill chance.

Bloodzerker Sword series from the Rare GGB are functionally clones of the Bloodblade weapons, providing bonus damage to both weapon attacks and spells for a small hp cost.

If you're going to focus on nukes, get Tsunami Pen - the strongest water nuke is compressed in Hydromancer Bloodmage, and the Pen provides a multiplicative damage boost to your water spells. Another option would be the revamped Kindred sword - it chargable autohit has some nice utility.

Keep Long Talon for wind, we don't really have any better options. Alternatively, you can use Carnagebringer to compress wind/dark and use a second Frostval Past weapon (their elevulns stack).

Use Mighty Blade of Frostval Past for ice. Its qc elevuln is an immeasurable boon to ice nukes like Horo Show.

Gloom Glaive compresses harm. Another option would be the recently revamped Troll Club. Its Berserk toggle gives the largest weapon-based damage bonus, but at the expense of your accuracy.

Your light weapon mostly depends on what light nuke you plan to use. If you hope to get another UR for Lumenomancer Bloodmage or farm tokens for WKZ, keep the Lumenomancer sword. Otherwise, grab Morningstar Cross. Being 100-proc, it's slightly subpar for regular armor attacks, but its skill has great synergy with Vamp's Evolved Form, allowing you to deal high light damage in darkness armor - not to mention the lifesteal it provides.

As above, the darkkness weapon depends on your planned nuke. If you want to use Angel of Souls, pick up the Reaper weapon from its set - the FSB gives you +30% damage. If you plan on nuking with D-Burst, grab Blackbones for a multiplicative damage boost to your darkness spells.


For your subrace, I would highly advise getting Vampire. Until you get Love Potion from Snugglefest, it's your only source of quickcast stuns.

Torontosaurus Rex has the strongest fire skill (outside of the UR Bloodzerker). Another option would be the Pyromancer Bloodmage (Caecus returns to the Void this Thursday).

Keep HBM for water.

The strongest wind nukes are premium, rare or UR, so I suggest just using your no-drop Vamp as a wind armor.

Horo Show Vigilante is an old standard armor, meaning it gets a really op elecomp bonus to the damage of its skill.

Eventually, you'll want to pick up Terra Bloodzerker for your earth nukes, but it's a UR and you don't have any to spare. I suggest just using Cthonian Count (vampire variant) as your earth armor for the time being.

Taladosian Robes have the strongest energy skill in the game.

As mentioned above, the strongest light armors are Lumenomancer Bloodmage (UR) and White Knight Z (token). Until you can afford one of those, I suggest using Blue Blood vampire variant.

If you want to use your last slot for utility (like Generalist Robes, Frostval Past or Geocastellum), you can keep Vamp no-drop as your darkness armor. Alternatively, the Angel of Souls in your storage has an hp-costing darkness skill with a very nice FSB bonus.


Fire doesn't really have anything outstanding, so you may as well keep Samukematsuri Buckler.

Celtic Wheel has an Int drive.

Accordion Shield in your storage is probably the best shield for vampires. Its control potency greatly increases your chances of Mesmerizing the monster.

There are quite a few good ice shields, but the one I would recommend is probably Pies. Its Cha drive would provide a small, but useful boost to your pets, as well as a slight damage boost via the booster guests.

Chieftain's Ironthorn has been updated. It no longer gives the op *1.5 damage boost, but it does function as a top-level earth shield and has a Str drive to increase your damage.

Scarab Shell has a toggle to lower monster MRM, which would increase the accuracy of all your (and your pets') attacks.

Lantern of Souls has a small chance to autoblock any hit and a nice FSB with AoS armor/weapon.


Call Dunamis, Call Thernda and Summon Poelala - those are your three URs. If you want a spare UR for something else, get Poelala and Essence of Carnage- it has a lower boost for Melee/Ranged attacks, but is completely f2p.

Most of your nukes would be compressed via armors, but you should probably pick up Warmaster's Burst for wind, and maybe keep D-Burst.

Archmage Research or Runic Binding can give you a source of harm damage if you couldn't fit one into your weapon slots.

Sizzler Splosion deals less damage than a standard earth spell, but autohits - which may come in useful against high MRM wind mobs.

Spectral Chains are quickcast and ice - which measn they have very good synergy with Frostval Past weapons.

Keep Purple Rain, of course.

Moonwalker's Grace is a qc Dex booster, great for PR loop.


The best pets for you wuld be Poe/Dunamis/Thernda boosters, but one is UR and the other two are premium. In their absence, here are pets with some useful utility:

Underwyrmling is the only pet in the game that can attack monster sp.

Kindred pet can gather charges for your Kindred sword.

Fujin pet inflicts DefLoss, increasing the accuracy of all your attacks.

Frozen Effigy can toggle to Freeze the monster, great synergy with any fire nukes.

When the Void rotation circles back to it in a few weeks, you'll want to pick up WoolZard, a pet that toggles between inflicting Sleep and EleVuln and can increase the infliction chances for an sp cost. Until then, the Morningstar pet toggles to inflict randomly DefLoss or EleVUln, increasing the accuracy or damage of your attacks.

PikaZard has a chance to paralyze the monster.

For light, your final goal would be Lepre-Chan, a booster pet that enhances all your light attacks, but it only comes back on Blarney. Until then just keep using the Fairy Godmother.

Model 294 toggles to inflict EleVuln, increasing the damage of all your darkness attacks.


Keep Essence Orb for sp and grab Rejuvenating Necklace for mp.

Shadowfeeder Pendant is one of the best meta enablers - by clicking on it, you can get qc celerity; great synergy with Purple Rain and any elecomped nukes.

Helm of Frostval Past in you storage can be clicked on for a bth boost, then switched to a damage misc for max benefits.

Keep Windter Crown for a universal damage boost. Alternatively, grab Grakma Warhorn. It has a togglable Berserk status which multiplicatively increases your damage by 21% w/o the ususal /2 penalty for spells - though it does come at the expense of accuracy.

Bell Shell heals a bit of your hp based on damage dealt. The heal is less than CoRS', but it also doesn't reduce your damage, making it an overall better choice for FO builds.

Morningstar Helm gives immunity to paralysis. If you want something a little more sp-efficient, Blood Ruby and Liquid Courage give resistances to paralysis and fear respectively.

Cracked Ornamentin your storage provides a universal bonus to status inflictions - nice for Mesmerize and Frostval Past's elevuln.

Hope the info's useful and don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions!

vvs1 -> RE: Character Help (7/13/2020 12:41:23)

So I'm thinking about get the terrazerker as one of the UR so should I go for 1 dunamis 1 poel or 2 poelala?

vvs1 -> RE: Character Help (7/13/2020 13:06:47)

I also have 2541 z-tokens saved up so should I just buy 12 GGB or is there something else I should use it for? I will have enough token to buy white knight after I sell my house so no need to worry about that.

Legendary Ash -> RE: Character Help (7/13/2020 14:09:38)

As a Hybrid, Bloodmages are preferred as it has Elecomp to damage/higher Hpcosts for higher damage and if you don't have a problem using Mana Potions easily refilled from house to cast more than the standard four spells.

If you opt for Bloodzerker which has Elecomp to skill costs, it would be better to wait for the Light variant instead of White Knight as Bloodzerker Swords deals more damage with the armor.

vvs1 -> RE: Character Help (7/13/2020 14:13:03)

So should I get dunamis/poelala or poelala/poelala?

vvs1 -> RE: Character Help (7/13/2020 14:19:20)

If I get essence of carnage (i know its lower than poel and dunamis) then should i just get poelala pet so I can have 2 UR for the armors?

Legendary Ash -> RE: Character Help (7/13/2020 15:47:28)

At 200 Dex a standard MC pet deals 21*.65 = 13.65% melee, after shifting End/Luk to raise Str/Int to 240 Dunamis/Poelala Pet is 1.25*18*.83 = 18.675% melee, the difference is 5.025% melee, which may not be worth a UR GGB that can be spent on Armors.

Essence of Carnage is not recommended for 0 Cha builds as it loses half its effectiveness.

The equipment to be sold are from permanent/seasonal/rotational Void Takeover shops, some of the items that remain in inventory are non-rare GGBs.

Sell Dark Victory, Raygun, Voltaic, Patriot

Sell Star, Generalist, Nulgath, Taladosian, Shinyaro, Rex and store Cleric, Ultimon to Frostval

Father Time for Rewind ability to remove costs from status conditions
Umazen Aspis for +20 Paralysis Potence from The Umazon Stirs
Moonfang Omen Shield from Hairy Situation/ Emancipator's Radiance for +20 Blind Potence from The Last Umazen City
Bloodfang Omen Shield from Red Fog/ Eclipse Shield/ Lunar Eclipse Shield when Eclipses occur
Sell Saga, Daylight, Chimeran, Ward, Soul, Cryo and store Reflex, Skjoldr

Chocolate Syrup for Daze
Thorns for Control
Graveyard Smash for Daze from The Return of Artix
Imanok Edoc for Defense Boost
Sell Angelic, Missile and store Regen and Hyper

Fairy Godmother Lv 150G from Guardian shop
Sell Fairy G, Nilak and store Wolf, Kirin, Dragons

Sell Emblem, Horo Visor, Evil to Pirate, Amulet, Bread to Galin, Ruby, Elixir and store Masks, Fang, Water Orb

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