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Saint Maurice -> Armor customization (7/14/2020 21:50:23)

Greeting and salutations everyone [:)]

so this armor customization has really gotten me excited just the possibility that it provides leaves me wondering what is in store for the future. though this is pretty new addition to the game I wanted to see what everyone else thinks about it. what class would you guys like to see have customizable options, what do you think is the up limit when it comes to customization, do you think DC would be acceptable for some customization options, what are your hopes. I would love to hear everyones thoughts

I personal would love to see the paladin get some cool option. as for the upper limit for all this i'm actually not to sure what the developer can do with it, the possibility's seem endless to me. i do think it would be ok for some DC option but i know not everyone can agree to that, as for my hopes well i just hope they can keep expanding on this

AstralCodex -> RE: Armor customization (7/14/2020 23:45:50)

I'm sure the devs have actual usage statistics for different armors, and if so they should go with the most popular armors.

That being said, I'd suggest Technomancer, as it's a really good armor with awkward art. Paladin, Ninja, Pirate, etc all have had their art revamped recently, but Technomancer still has its OG art.

If I could pick any class though, I'd pick Doomknight v2, as it's my favorite class :)

Kurtz96 -> RE: Armor customization (7/15/2020 1:07:09)

I would also like DmK V2 (though it does have an artifact that modifies the appearance). However, DmK is not a class everyone has.
Plus I believe that doom knight is based on Sepulchure (the only real doom knight) so changing it would be weird. It would be like if you were playing as Warlic and made changed him.

AstralCodex -> RE: Armor customization (7/15/2020 2:53:57)

I'd totally rock the leather jacket of Doom Guitar more if I didn't have to equip the stupid guitar though :)

mds2006 -> RE: Armor customization (7/15/2020 5:14:41)

Being able to choose the alternate graphics from equips without needing to equip them (as long as you still have correct items) would be cool, from the DoomKnight Jacket to even the various versions of Epoch. Doompoch is my favorite appearance-wise so it'd be cool to look like that, but with the Eternal skills, for example.

Saint Maurice -> RE: Armor customization (7/15/2020 13:39:37)

that would be a interesting thing to see if other classes could use different skill animation of the different classes. but that would probably be wicked hard to do and very time consuming for the devs

LigerBeard -> RE: Armor customization (7/15/2020 19:25:20)

Honestly, I'd love to see Necromancer, Ninja, Pirate, and especially Soulweaver given this treatment!

FireManXTM -> RE: Armor customization (10/17/2020 4:27:32)

DC Classes could use some cosmetics too
maybe Pyro, Entro or Chickencow

saber the ultima -> RE: Armor customization (10/18/2020 2:34:39)

ok so im thinking if there was an option of soulweaver can be next along with doomknight armor customization

raiogam -> RE: Armor customization (10/19/2020 22:30:03)

death knight because paladin and necromancer HAVE custom mode

Kylorei -> RE: Armor customization (10/24/2020 11:03:53)

My priority for armor customization would be:

(Master) Soulweaver (My main)
Ninja (Hoping for some anime inspirations)

JIKIL -> RE: Armor customization (10/24/2020 17:30:12)

Im up for deathknight, doomknight, guardian and soulweaver getting their new change of clothes.

Bamzalot -> RE: Armor customization (10/25/2020 0:06:14)

I love how the new customization can be used to make different themes for classes. For example, I've been able to turn the DragonLord into a pirate, a soulweaver, and even a frost moglin. I believe that the best types of class customizations will be the ones that open up the ability to try radically different styles. Light-side DoomKnights, DeathKnights wearing mage robes, Ninjas with samurai armor... this kind of stuff would open up a lot of options.

Chrono class customization is my biggest bias. Mostly I would like to see Chronocorruptor and Avatar of Time get proper human bodies and facial expressions. (Groundhog Dave suggests that this could be an option.)
Soulweaver + Chaosweaver are great candidates. There are a lot of possibilities with those two.
Guardian would also be nice to see. I would personally like to keep the current white tunic but with the older, smaller pauldrons.

Back when the team was first developing Pyromancer there were a couple different outfit choices being shown. Some of these included golden armor, a beige robe, and some fire decals. I wonder if those old styles could be recycled now?

Strength -> RE: Armor customization (10/29/2020 19:33:39)

I'd like to see the Shadow Base Classes to get some customization as I main the Shadow Warrior, and seeing the Base and Atealan Base Classes get customizations as well.

Basically, give all the base classes some love :)

Khoifish25 -> RE: Armor customization (10/31/2020 3:34:29)

I for one would love customisations for these armours
- Deathknight: Having versions that look similar to the Necromancer and Paladin as well as an additional version that is like some sort of ghostly figure would be nice
- Ascended/Evolved/Normal Chickencow: More fun goofy options for the latter two and maybe a color custom version of the former
- Pyromancer: Options that make the armour look more like either a warrior or a rogue would be a appreciated touch

1997p3 -> RE: Armor customization (11/4/2020 9:23:54)

Personally I really liked the old ninja design, being way more lightweight than the current one, might be amusing to combine some aspects of lightweight armor and lheavier ones

Saint Maurice -> RE: Armor customization (11/19/2020 13:54:25)

Im surprised that no one has mentioned the dragonslayer armor, which i think has been a little bit neglected seeing how most class have gotten new base art designs. I think you can have lots of potential with how the redesign of the dragonslayer could go if done correctly

Chaosweaver Amon -> RE: Armor customization (11/19/2020 15:21:42)


Im surprised that no one has mentioned the dragonslayer armor, which i think has been a little bit neglected seeing how most class have gotten new base art designs. I think you can have lots of potential with how the redesign of the dragonslayer could go if done correctly

I like this. Dragonslayer is a great old class that I'm a big fan of, and I would love to see some aesthetic alterations.

LigerBeard -> RE: Armor customization (11/19/2020 15:56:30)

@Saint Maurice: Admittedly, that would be pretty sweet! It could even tie in to an event involving a huge dragon, or require beating one of the various dragon bosses in DF!

HORRIOR -> RE: Armor customization (11/21/2020 6:22:19)

I know there isn't really a connection, but I would like a Vordred style customization option for DoomKnight.

Eris Blackwood -> RE: Armor customization (11/25/2020 21:56:31)

I would honestly like to see some aesthetic armors like in AQWs. Ones that carry over no matter what class you're playing. I do like a consistent look so that I can match all my capes and helms to the armor. I also would like a slight update to the play character's face. It's so low detail compared to the new armors and hairs since it was an accent made over 10 years ago. It's almost distracting. All those new NPCs looking so sexy. I wanna look sexy too.

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