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Ithious -> Warring as a FD Beastmaster (9/17/2020 16:33:19)

I've had moderate success warring with my FD ranger. I know a FD build will never get the speed a FO build does but I'm always looking to find ways to shave down time.

Anyone have any recommendations? For this war, I tend to use Artix guest and Paladin Chilly pet coupled with either Sol Neko armor or Undead Bard of War. The problem is that the guest + pet animations really slow down each battle especially when I get celerity from BoW armor. Despite this, I do usually still one-shot most mobs except for high-HP types like undead giant.

Any beastmasters out there with war set up suggestions?

Legendary Ash -> RE: Warring as a FD Beastmaster (9/17/2020 17:13:02)

Booster Pets usually have shorter animations that standard pets that move across the screen, they would be used with Luna Neko, which focus on the 100% proc weapon of the player.
For Darkness mobs, Lepre-Chan and one of the Paladin armor guests serve as Light element boosters.

Primate Murder -> RE: Warring as a FD Beastmaster (9/17/2020 23:38:31)

Mogsterio would be a stronger guest, dealing 2x damage for an hp cost.

The new Paladin armor has a toggle to make pets and guests deal *1.25 damage. That's less that BoW, but doesn't require a save and should save you some animation time.

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