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RageSoul -> Terror Set Prices (9/21/2020 0:51:40)

So i checked out the Terror Set quest and finished it the other day and found the costs of the items shown since i'm planning on inserting a Eat Fear set up with Terror Fist when a sale comes. Are these the actual prices or is there an error?

joac1144 -> RE: Terror Set Prices (9/21/2020 1:56:17)

Those prices are correct. The Terror set is discounted, so it costs half of what normal Z-Token items cost.

RageSoul -> RE: Terror Set Prices (9/21/2020 2:47:04)

Alright that's good news! Thanks for the answer!

marcus2011 -> RE: Terror Set Prices (9/21/2020 3:38:40)

how much is ther terror set atm ??

RageSoul -> RE: Terror Set Prices (9/21/2020 4:08:33)

^Each piece is 2970 , 14850 if i count the pet and shield.

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