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redqueen24 -> Farm time comparison. EDoT vs VHL (10/4/2020 20:49:47)

In percentage how much harder to get VHL than EDoT?
Seeing some people say EDoT is LR lite then getting VHL is a etter option, right?

Legendary Ash -> RE: Farm time comparison. EDoT vs VHL (10/5/2020 16:34:10)

VHL's output is composed of more frequent critical strikes due to haste/critical strike chance and damage buffs, yet this comes back to hurt it in group fights as it hits the haste and critical chance caps earlier unless the enemy applies respective debuffs and it applies reliable hit/haste/evasion debuffs to the enemy,

DoT's current biggest weaknesses are that DoTs can't critical strike until they bring online the planned combat mechanics from Testing servers and the ticks aren't affected by haste, this means that whenever support classes apply haste, critical chance and critical damage buffs, these effects are partially effective by affecting only normal impact damage. The randomness involved in its 20% chance of applying a 15% hit/haste/critical strike chance/evasion debuff makes it unreliable in cases of group fights where the intent is to stack debuffs on a high damage enemy.

redqueen24 -> RE: Farm time comparison. EDoT vs VHL (10/5/2020 21:09:16)

Then I would rate DoT as the lowest of farmable classes because there is not much it can offer on the table.
DoT is obviously outgunned by Infinity Knight which I have. So I wasted my time farming for this class. I'm onto the second to the last quest to get the class tho. Guess Imma stick to VHL adter this. So for all my troubles I get inly the badge. Not gonna use the class I suppose? How much damage can DoT dish out anyway?

Legendary Ash -> RE: Farm time comparison. EDoT vs VHL (10/6/2020 16:06:17)

Dragon of Time Overview between 0:23 to 0:45 showcases Rend's and Searing Timeline's DoT along with Hero's Heartbeat's nuke through Lv 100 Healer enhancements.

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