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LigerBeard -> Mogloween (10/10/2020 10:26:20)

I don't know about the rest of you guys, but I am pumped to see what Mogloween has in store for us this year!

Anyone have any guesses what they'll do for Mogloween this year?

Kylorei -> RE: Mogloween (10/10/2020 12:31:39)

I just hope its nothing COVID related lmao: Mandatory masks, infection, mogloweening from home (Hey this doesn't sound bad for the future)

Im almost caught up with the Mogloween storylines so maybe there is a storyline there they can continue

dragon_master -> RE: Mogloween (10/14/2020 16:08:57)

Just hope it doesn't end up as the release 2 years ago (?) which was obviously rushed (for no real reason, AFAIK). I do like this event though.

LigerBeard -> RE: Mogloween (10/14/2020 17:59:30)

@dragon_master: You mean the Blood Moon event?

@Kylorei: Considering how Tomix considered adjusting an event due to the Australian wildfires, I'd say he's very likely to know not to do anything disease related.

spirit of greed -> RE: Mogloween (10/14/2020 22:43:59)

Me too i hope we don't get anything covid related. Real life is dark enough. We probably get a covid mogloween mask and that's fine but anything more than that is a big no.

We probably finish up defeating the last brother who really is the most dangerous. It will probably a quick event. We probably fight some monsters get a boss fight a quick curscene and that's it.

wer -> RE: Mogloween (10/15/2020 0:56:21)

I didnt really like the last two years though I hope to see more blood moon stuff

spirit of greed -> RE: Mogloween (10/15/2020 1:28:58)

My only problem is that this Baleful brothers storyline is taking too long. It started 2 years ago, last year we defeated the second brother within 2 release and we still need to defeat the last one. The story isn't bad but it shouldn't take 3 years to finish it.

Me too are more interested about the blood moon or Jack who didn't get much role for years.

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