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Rodrig0 -> Lorepedia Information (10/17/2020 0:41:35)

I would love that the AE team creates a website that provides information about the lore of the games (aq, aqw, aq3d, dragonfable ...) something of quality, several times I suggested this idea and the only thing they answer me is for access aqwwiki (with little / no lore information, just maps, drops ...). An example of a site is the fandom aqwlore, with great quality but with little content. It would be amazing to be able to get to know the whole universe that AE worked so hard and easily accessible to people who still don't know its complexities (including me lol)

or create something like databook

melinalowks -> RE: Lorepedia Information (10/21/2020 18:37:44)

I second motion that, but I think it would be awesome in addition to have an archive of screenshots of old AQW (and Dragonfable, AQ, etc.), to get the vibe of the old days, especially since most of us played this game as kids (I played AQW at YMCA).

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