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Firedice18 -> Access to Past Frostval Quest (12/28/2020 23:56:58)


can I ask if there is any painting the I could buy to access the previous frostval quest?

I am having a hardtime to beat the true nightbane horror and I might miss this chance because of my work (have lesser time to play).

Any helpful tips?

Primate Murder -> RE: Access to Past Frostval Quest (12/29/2020 2:13:13)

As a general rule, the staff release a painting at the end of the Delivery War that allows you access to all of this year's quests. That means: Decorate the Tree, Welcome Home, All Alone and the Delivery War itself.

Firedice18 -> RE: Access to Past Frostval Quest (12/29/2020 2:59:09)

thank you so much will wait for the war to finish

happy holidays

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