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Beshin Adin -> January 2021 (1/1/2021 11:58:47)

Event Calendar
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January 1 ArchFiend Overlord Seasonal Set returns
New upgrade bonus set: ContractKeeper of Nulgath

January 8 Crulon birthday quests + rewards
Hikari birthday quests + rewards

January 15 Nulgath the ArchFiend birthday, Part 1

January 22 Nulgath the ArchFiend birthday, Part 2

January 29 Chaos Librarium

January 31 ArchFiend Overlord Seasonal Set leaves

Use this thread to comment on anything that happens this month

Rtkat3 -> RE: January 2021 (1/11/2021 12:09:54)

Have we ever done a birthday event with Nulgath? We already know that Dage the Evil's Undead Legion and Nulgath's Nation have called a truce due to the threat of Malgor.

Beshin Adin -> RE: January 2021 (1/12/2021 14:43:21)

^ Sure. Remember Polish?

Rtkat3 -> RE: January 2021 (1/16/2021 14:04:19)

The first part of Nulgath's birthday release was last night.


According to the flashbacks the players experienced in the Nulgath Nation's base when allowed access to the library by Dirtlicker, Nulgath used to be a human who fled from the Grand Inquisitor's forces and found himself in the Fiend Realm which only a few survived the entrance to. Nulgath met Adimonde: God of Fiends who persuaded him to become his champion in a plot to conquer worlds. Nulgath planned to do that while facing off against Adimonde at some point. From there, we as Nulgath in his earlier form had to get the loyalty of the fiends ranging from the Bloodfiends, the Dreadfiends, and the Fiend Champion by fighting them.

It turned out that the Nulgath that Malgor tried to manipulate was one of his clones like the one he left behind in his lair somewhere in the Dwarfhold Mountains and the real Nulgath is still in the Oversoul reality. He ordered Dirtlicker not to waste any of his soldiers in battle or else. One of the souls from Oversoul met the players and learned about Nulgath's history. The next release will have us going after the extra Fiend Shards in order to weaken Nulgath.

Beshin Adin -> RE: January 2021 (1/16/2021 16:20:07)

Good story and great art, Nulgath is off to a good 2021 start

Rtkat3 -> RE: January 2021 (1/17/2021 10:39:01)

At least we got familiar with Nulgath's master Adimonde: God of Fiends who rules the Fiend Realm.

Beshin Adin -> RE: January 2021 (1/17/2021 11:29:31)

Bound to the Fiend Realm. Not too becoming of a 'god'......

Rtkat3 -> RE: January 2021 (1/18/2021 13:26:42)

Adimonde residing in the Fiend Realm can be similar with Hades residing in the Greek Underworld. Right now, I can't tell if it is one of the underground realms like the Underworld, the Infernal Realm (which is two realms to the left of the Underworld), and Gehenna. I can't say about where Tercessuinotlim (which is "Miltonius Secret" spelled backward).

Beshin Adin -> RE: January 2021 (1/22/2021 21:08:27)

I didn't really like Nulgath Pt 2. Will he always be an antagonist?

Rtkat3 -> RE: January 2021 (1/23/2021 15:20:27)

I do not know about that.

I had no idea that Dirtlicker had been in contact with Adimonde.

Beshin Adin -> RE: January 2021 (1/30/2021 10:29:39)

Only exciting thing this week is FSR class.......

So, favorite release this month?

Rtkat3 -> RE: January 2021 (1/30/2021 12:21:18)

The Chaos Librarium stated that the Chaos Sprites were born from the fragments of Chaos Magic, the Chaos Gemeralds were hardened versions of Violet Slime, and the Extrikits are evolved from Toxic Bile.

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