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peacemaker -> Coin collector question (1/3/2021 12:13:22)

Currently I have the Coin collector gun and armour from a while ago when I was a member, but not the helm.

Since I'm now not a member and I'm not likely to get membership any time soon, when it comes to getting the helm, am I, simply put, out of luck please?

Thanks in advance.

Legendary Ash -> RE: Coin collector question (1/3/2021 16:23:19)

There is no luck involved unless you plan to spin the Wheel of Doom to earn the Epic Item of Digital Awesomeness, the alternative is to purchase the 40,000 Ac package which comes with Mythic Item of Digital Awesomeness.

peacemaker -> RE: Coin collector question (1/4/2021 6:31:13)

Understood. Thanks.

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