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Beshin Adin -> CNY 2021 (1/12/2021 15:30:09)

Once again, CNY is almost here. Giving you a month to discuss. So let’s look at the stas.

Lucky color – White
Element – Metal (again)
Animal – Ox

Suggested yokai:

Ushi oni (Most well-known ox yokai)
Hakutaku (Visits future emperors/empresses. Foreshadowing?)
Ushi no koku mairi (Not a yokai, but a curse. Oooooh.)

Other facts:

Also, keep in mind Heroes Heart Day is only 2 days later

Rtkat3 -> RE: CNY 2021 (1/13/2021 13:55:49)

We have yet to see an Ushi-oni in AQW. Those are described to be a Yokai with the head of an ox and the body of either a spider or a crab. If both versions are used, the latter would be the aquatic variant of the Ushi-oni.

Also, there is a Yokai called the Kudan which is described as an ox with the face of a man.

Beshin Adin -> RE: CNY 2021 (1/14/2021 11:31:10)

I frankly would like Hakutaku to visit one of Lore's aspiring sovereigns. Set up a story for later in 2021

Rtkat3 -> RE: CNY 2021 (1/14/2021 13:08:35)

If you are talking about Ai No Miko, she is the current head of state for Yokai Island after what happened to Emperor Daisho.

Perhaps the AQW team might be able to adapt the Ushi-oni and the Kudan in some way.

Beshin Adin -> RE: CNY 2021 (1/14/2021 19:29:52)

Maybe Hakutaku visits Swordhaven for Brentan or Victoria

Rtkat3 -> RE: CNY 2021 (1/15/2021 13:34:10)

If the AQW Team goes with that idea, what would that character want with them or any other head of state.

Beshin Adin -> RE: CNY 2021 (1/15/2021 14:10:48)

If someone is destined to be the ruler of a great kingdom/empire, then it is Hakutaku's duty to make that destiny flouroish

Rtkat3 -> RE: CNY 2021 (1/16/2021 13:54:40)

There is also that heir for that fallen kingdom in Chiral Valley which was one of the known mid-week releases that occurred during the "13 Lords of Chaos" saga. We offered to help restore it once the 13 Lords of Chaos were defeated.

Beshin Adin -> RE: CNY 2021 (1/16/2021 16:06:37)

Swordhaven just comes to mind when I think of 'white' and 'metal'

Rtkat3 -> RE: CNY 2021 (2/1/2021 12:28:13)

The February Calendar states that the Year of the Ox's counterpart on Lore is the Year of the Minotaur.

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