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JustRealnon -> Guide: How to Play HeroSmash After 2021 (1/13/2021 20:14:54)

So, since Artix still hosts HeroSmash servers, there are ways to play HeroSmash in 2021 and the future.

To play you will need to get a flash projector. This can easily be done by downloading one from adobe's debug downloads website (it will be an exe). After opening the exe and pressing "file" in the top left and "open" in the drop menu, the projector will prompt you for an swf url. The url for HeroSmash loader (from Artix) is:
Simply paste this as the url, click OK, and have fun.

*Note: You don't need to click the url at all, and you shouldn't. It will just download the swf file, which isn't needed.

Chaosweaver Amon -> RE: Guide: How to Play HeroSmash After 2021 (2/19/2021 0:52:41)

Thanks so much for this! I was so bummed when I heard HS wasn't going to be available on the Game Launcher. Even though there won't be any updates again, I still remember when it was originally released, and still love its dynamic. Glad to see that there are some more old fans out there!

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