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Rickyb20 -> =AQW= Discussion Thread (1/17/2021 12:18:55)

Player Suggestions Discussion Thread

This is the thread to discuss player suggestions. If you wish to be given feedback on your suggestion or you find a certain suggestion interesting, this is the place to post it.

If you wish to request feedback on your suggestion, you must first provide feedback on someone else's suggestion! If you fail to provide feedback, your post will be deleted.

It is very important when giving commentary and feedback to reference the specific idea you are talking about in your post. This is not only courteous to the creator, but to those who are looking through the postings. Artists of all kinds thrive on input and commentary from the people who look at their works. Make sure your posts are constructive. Spam is not tolerated. If you like a specific idea, don't just say "Awesome pic, yo." explain WHY you liked it. You will not help someone improve their suggestion if you do not post constructively.

Please remember that this thread is for discussion, not suggestions. Using this thread to have your idea(s) in more places is not the purpose. Thank you.


Constructive Criticism

  • What is it?
    Constructive criticism is being able to process and offer your own thoughts and opinions in order to give courteous and friendly feedback. This is done by explaining what you like and dislike, while at the same time providing feedback that is useful. This is what separates constructive feedback from ranting/complaining and flaming.

  • Does it help? How?
    Yes! Constructive criticism helps because not only are you giving feedback about what you don't like about a quest/event, but you're also giving feedback about what you DID like in the quest. Feedback could include on such topics as statistics, more dialogue, more explanatory cutscenes, more fights - everything that quests or events would normally include. This gives the game staff a better idea on future improvements.

  • Example of Constructive Criticism:
    "I didn't particularly like this war because it felt too empty. To have made it better, I think the staff could have had a 50% cutscene to unlock rather than just a shop to progress the storyline. As it was, I personally was a little disappointed that this war felt more rushed than previous wars, however I do understand that the staff had a lot on their plate when making this release.
    That said, I greatly enjoyed the boss fight, the animations and art fit perfectly with the song that was playing in the background. So while not one of the best wars DF have done, I still enjoyed it. Thank you, DF staff!"

  • Example of Unconstructive Criticism:
    "I didn't like this war at all. What were the staff thinking? The items in the shop were ugly, overpriced and were bugged!! No cutscene? That was never done before and it is not how it should be done ever. Seriously, doesn't the staff ever listen to us?! The boss fight was too hard and took forever to beat :( And there was no sound. I dont think the staff even care anymore. Best war ever /sarcasm I hate this game D:<!"

  • Cyrenius -> RE: =AQW= Discussion Thread (2/18/2021 16:09:09)

    Hey ShiroRyujin,

    There is a "cheat / glitch" I do take advantage of, and if you don't know how to use it, it is attempting to delete an AC item after accepting a quest to save it in place so one doesn't have to keep returning to the questgiver, so if you are returning all over the map to turn in quests, you may wish to take advantage of it. When I learned it, it made my game play so much more enjoyable! I do find it annoying though that sometimes when I am grinding / farming I cannot turn in quests right away when I am in combat. I believe this needs to be fixed. I believe it would save time and would make the game more enjoyable if I could do that. If you are going to work on multiple quests from multiple questgivers, it would be nice to consolidate them, which my quest consolidator terminal and pet idea would take care of that.

    As for the auto-play feature, I'm not sure how I feel about that. It may be a good idea, it may not be. I'd have to think more about that.

    Now that I have commented on someone else's idea, I am looking for feedback for my ideas, what is good as-is and what is not so good or needs to be changed. I know there are a lot! Thanks!

    Aummon -> RE: =AQW= Discussion Thread (2/26/2021 4:18:35)


    So last time i send email to Bug reported for share idea, im sorry about that, i don't know where to share Request. and admin send me link to post you idea to BattleForum.

    let's get to the topic, so i have idea make “Mood Text” Like This! for AFK player. so when players AFK, other players know what they think while afk, I think this will improve the mood of the players who read it too, maybe the players will write interesting things in Mood Text. and also this makes the game a little more lively.

    so what you think about it? I'm very interested with this feature.
    and I'm sorry if there are some words that are difficult to understand, I'm not fluent in English.

    Aummon -> RE: =AQW= Discussion Thread (3/6/2021 13:04:32)


    i want suggestion about Awe Enchantment,
    fighter, wizard, thief, healre, hybrid, lucky

    where Spellbreaker enchantment for Awe?
    please add SpellBreaker enchantment for Awe enchantment

    luxfr -> RE: =AQW= Discussion Thread (5/16/2021 10:24:35)

    Hello, I just have a small suggestion. I don't know the implications of this, but I think you could create an additional slot for capes. I mean, so we can equip two capes, such that cape slot 1 is always in front of cape slot 2.

    Crimson King -> RE: =AQW= Discussion Thread (6/9/2021 21:08:08)

    Replying Cyrenius suggestion

    I like your pet idea since I had a similar idea some time ago. I'm very happy to see someone mentioning this glitch. I'm not sure but I think they mentioned they were looking into implementing it officially somewhere (maybe Alina twitter?), but as many promises through the time it seems to have been forgotten sadly.

    dra suzumebachi -> RE: =AQW= Discussion Thread (6/26/2021 19:41:54)

    @cyrenius i like your questline suggestion
    as someone who loves the shadowscythe i feel like those items would be the ultimate evil bragging rights i do however have to point out that there r always more factions getting added which kinda makes needing every faction rank 10 just about the only issue i see with that cause that condition is not set it would change so maybe do something like rank 10 chaos militia which in turn requires rank 10 chaos which in turn requires completing the entire 13 lords of chaos saga this way u have a set condition yet still one that requires a bit of effort also seeing as how dragonfable doomknight is a condition u could also make it require mechquest dragonguard

    Zaichi -> RE: =AQW= Discussion Thread (8/18/2021 6:52:08)


    E M O K I L L E R S -> RE: =AQW= Discussion Thread (8/31/2021 21:12:50)

    I would like to suggest that Underworld Chronomancer or Overworld Chronomancer should be Revamp because Players only choose Corrupted Chronomancer or Timeless Chronomancer (Strong Corruption than Timepiece) that makes Underworld Chronomancer or Overworld Chronomancer useless if you have both own that Class. If they are related to each other then Corruption and Timepiece should be balanced.I hope AE Staff with notice this Suggestion.

    AsuraBerserker -> RE: =AQW= Discussion Thread (11/3/2021 13:58:31)

    @ luxfr that would be cool since you can combine capes, weapons, and wings on that cape1 cape2 settings, it would provide more aesthetic to player sets in general

    AsuraBerserker -> RE: =AQW= Discussion Thread (11/3/2021 14:04:34)

    aqw is dying and what aqw can do are these:

    to make bad legend items into free player either by farm or by shop

    make some npc's and monster design into armors/weapons/helmets/capes/hairstyles etc (the cool and badass design of that npc or that monster or boss that you want to equip for your set but is not available to get? make that farmable)

    make more free player classes by the use of merged maxed reputations like stonecrusher and blazebinder (most reputations have no use and they can make the most out of these useless reputations to make into something worth the farm).

    make custom armor/helm/weapon/cape design from items in your inventory (for example you can create your own custom item like merging the design of exalted apotheosis and nsod, you can crop, edit, colorize, merge, etc the possibilities are endless), you can personally use your own custom item/s that you created, you can also copy or gain inspiration from other player's design, either aqw will review all custom made items made by all players or if the design is popular, if they like it they will release a shop version or boss drop version or farmable version or merge version of it. aqw having weekly top custom picks releases from all players (let's say 5-10 best custom design per week? or per month?)

    they could also make that weapon slash effect color customizable (that white and light blue from sword basic attack? imagine that being black and red like sepulchure's slash)

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