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Vellup -> Quadforce Damage Boost v. Emblems? (1/29/2021 18:29:23)

Since Quadforce doesn't seem to have any upkeep unless you activate the stat boosts, it seems to work pretty well as a general damage booster. Am I correct in assuming the boost is multiplicative? The physical emblems seem to have a boost of 1.19, whereas, if I'm reading the math right, Quadforce with melee or ranged should be 1.2? Does this mean that Quadforce is 100% better than emblems for STR characters for 0 upkeep, but the quadforce boost is inferior to emblems for INT characters? (Assuming INT boosts for Quadforce are 1.1 for spells, 1.15 for magic weapons, and emblems are 1.253 for magic weapons?) If the math is correct, does this mean that as far as weapon attacks go, Quadforce is actually equal to Blood Contract for STR weapons? (Blood Contract = 1.2 boost, Quadforce = 1.2 boost?)

The math can be a bit confusing, so I wanted to make sure I have the numbers right so I know how to compare the miscs in my inventory so I can decide which ones to use and which ones to store.

Shiba -> RE: Quadforce Damage Boost v. Emblems? (1/29/2021 19:02:41)

Just saying but the misc should have an upkeep cost of 75 SP a turn.

Just checked in-game and it is indeed 75 SP.

Vellup -> RE: Quadforce Damage Boost v. Emblems? (1/29/2021 19:20:51)

Oh I see. In-game my SP wasn't lowering but that was just because 75 SP per turn is lower than the global SP gain at level 150, meaning my SP at the combat trainer remained static.

That being said, any data on the damage boosting values?

joac1144 -> RE: Quadforce Damage Boost v. Emblems? (1/30/2021 2:42:52)

Quadforce damage boost is additive as stated in the infosub.
Quadforce handles spells/Magic attacks like normal. Spells get /2 of the boost while Magic attacks get /0.75.
I posted a list of boost values. This list is for the Melee/Ranged values. http://forums2.battleon.com/f/fb.asp?m=22388038

Vellup -> RE: Quadforce Damage Boost v. Emblems? (1/30/2021 4:38:33)

Okay. So is that better or worse than the other items I mentioned in the top post? Is my math correct?

joac1144 -> RE: Quadforce Damage Boost v. Emblems? (1/30/2021 9:01:03)

Quadforce is (at level 150) +[20/0.75 = 26.667]% for Magic attacks while Sword Master Emblem is *1.253 for Magic attacks.
If you use Quadforce only for the damage boost, you're much better off using the Emblem as it costs almost nothing compared to Quadforce while being multiplicative.
Blood Contract, on the other hand, costs no SP to use, is multiplicative and boosts damage by *1.267. BC is the strongest booster of the mentioned items.

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