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Beshin Adin -> February 2021 (2/1/2021 11:03:00)

February 1 Obsidian Samurai Seasonal Set returns
New upgrade bonus set: Akiban Street Gear

February 2 Groundhorc's Day returns

February 5 Class Variants: Chunin and Dragon Shinobi (new art, same great skills!)
Akiban BladeMaster boss battle + reward gear

February 7 LoreBowl LV gear + the /punt map returns

February 12 Hero's Heart Day, Event Rare gear, Beleen's Pink Merge/AC Shop update

February 16 Pancake Day

February 19 Kotobuki Yokai Hunt (Year of the Minotaur) + Event Rare gear

February 26 Darkon's Saga, Part III, Featured Gear Shop update, and Wheel of Doom merge

February 28 Obsidian Samurai Seasonal Set + Beleen's seasonal pink gear leave

Discuss anything that happens this month

Rtkat3 -> RE: February 2021 (2/1/2021 12:25:11)

So instead of Year of the Ox on Lore, it's Year of the Minotaur.

Beshin Adin -> RE: February 2021 (2/2/2021 19:05:50)

And now its LNY, not CNY

Rtkat3 -> RE: February 2021 (2/3/2021 13:45:26)

According to the Internet, the Kotobuki is a type of Japanese Chimera that has the head of a rat, the ears of a rabbit, the horns of an ox, the comb of a rooster, the beard of a sheep, the mane of a horse, the neck of a dragon, the back of a boar, the shoulders and belly of a tiger, the arms of a monkey, the hindquarters of a dog, and the tail of a snake. In other words, it has the parts of all the animals on the Chinese Zodiac.

Beshin Adin -> RE: February 2021 (2/4/2021 17:26:27)

Ooooooooooooooh, now I remember the Kotobuki. It was one of my suggested yokai for Year of the Boar

Rtkat3 -> RE: February 2021 (2/5/2021 11:12:15)

Yet we got the battle boar instead like how we got a Japanese werewolf for the Year of the Dog.

I can't say if the AQW Team will stick to the classical design when making the Kotobuki. That will be for them to decide.

Beshin Adin -> RE: February 2021 (2/5/2021 12:14:52)

Since its Year of Ox, they may put extra emphasis on Kotobuki's ox featurres

Rtkat3 -> RE: February 2021 (2/6/2021 13:23:37)

The Kotobuki does have the horns of an ox.

Beshin Adin -> RE: February 2021 (2/6/2021 16:42:46)

I know, but maybe it'll have gigantic horns....or udders......or it'll moo........

Rtkat3 -> RE: February 2021 (2/7/2021 11:32:32)

I'm going with the horns of an ox.

As for Carnival, the AQW Team needs to tie up a loose end that involves finding out how Xan regained his abilities and took over that bird that takes us to and from the location where Carnival is.

Lukrecia -> RE: February 2021 (2/13/2021 4:01:40)

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.
'Good intentions' being Arlette using the blur slider to make a more realistic looking pink fog and 'hell' being my laptop screaming in agony trying to render it.

I feel like people have forgotten why Nulgath was hired as an artist when the game released.

Beshin Adin -> RE: February 2021 (2/13/2021 11:12:50)

This was a good HHD

Eros is a well-done villain/anti-hero, and the Stolen Heart boss is well-made

Rtkat3 -> RE: February 2021 (2/13/2021 12:12:55)

Wasn't there another creature that was made from a body part in a previous release? Also, Eros only acted up because Beleen wasn't using the love potions properly.

Next week is the Kotobuki Hunt. Then we have a Carnival release for this month.

Beshin Adin -> RE: February 2021 (2/13/2021 13:19:54)

There have been several 'body part' bosses

Do you mean the Island's Heart from last TLaPD?

Rtkat3 -> RE: February 2021 (2/14/2021 10:43:08)

That can be an example. I can't say if the two bosses from that sentient tower count.

Beshin Adin -> RE: February 2021 (2/16/2021 15:03:13)

Noooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pancake Day..........

Rtkat3 -> RE: February 2021 (2/17/2021 14:59:18)

That is a holiday on Lore.

This Friday is the Kotobuki hunt.

I heard somewhere that the third Darkon event was transferred to March so that a Carnaval release can occur.

Lukrecia -> RE: February 2021 (2/17/2021 15:54:06)

Something tells me Kotaro will be behind the art of that one.

Beshin Adin -> RE: February 2021 (2/19/2021 19:14:43)

A nice, cultured release for those of us who tire of smashing like barbarians (2/19)

Rtkat3 -> RE: February 2021 (2/20/2021 14:43:17)

They renamed the Kotobuki to Etokoun. The Golden Ox Guards look like they can be Japanese Minotaurs. The Ox Yokai Spirit is similar to that Spirit Oni that we once fought the day that Yokai New Year and Carnaval collided.

Carnaval is next week.

Beshin Adin -> RE: February 2021 (2/21/2021 11:02:33)

Given the large amount of anime fans in AQW, I think LNY should focus on Japanese yokai instead of Chinese mythology

Rtkat3 -> RE: February 2021 (2/21/2021 13:21:21)

Yokai Island has been evoking the traits of the mythologies from China and Japan just like the location of Carnaval has been evoking the traits of creatures from South American mythology and parts of the Caribbean.

Beshin Adin -> RE: February 2021 (2/27/2021 10:13:50)

Carnaval wasnt bad, but nothing special

Favorite this month? Mine was HHD

Rtkat3 -> RE: February 2021 (2/27/2021 14:38:42)

Carnaval has it's own indigenous harpies.

The events this month were good. Next month is Dage the Evil's birthday and the third part of Darkon's release.

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