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Mihaita0015 -> I have some questions about characters (2/14/2021 12:21:21)

I came back to this game after a very long time and out of boredom i wanted to capture Tyrant Moose and Zardzirra. They're found in the same places according to the wiki, but how rare are they,are they even available anymore? I think i've beaten over 200 other characters in those places and there's no sign of them.

DragonFiend Rider seems to be missing too, i used to get find him once in a while like 3 years ago but after i came back and spent most of my time in the Nightmare Dungeon, i couldn't find him as well. I have this character but i enjoyed the difficulty of the fight.

One more question, are seasonal characters considered rare now? I know some of them can still be found (like Jack Ice) but what about Headless Hollow and the others that are tagged both rare and seasonal?

This one is out of context, but why are XP boosts halved now? I used to get like 1000+ XP from the bonus alone with 12 permanent XP boosts and now i get a 55% boost instead of 120% like before.

The Jop -> RE: I have some questions about characters (3/30/2021 19:22:43)

The characters you mentioned are extremely rare. Tyrant Moose is especially rare; I recall it taking people weeks to find it, so if you have a soul gem I would use it to guarantee capture (if you ever see it). I don't believe Halloween characters are available anymore. The Frostval characters still being included is probably an oversight and not an intentional decision, or the developers would have just made all the seasonal characters available again. The XP issue seems like a bug if you are using permanent X-Boosts but they're giving you less than they should. You can report bugs here: https://bugs.artix.com/tracker

Mihaita0015 -> RE: I have some questions about characters (4/9/2021 9:55:38)

Do you know if the Easter characters will be available again? Bunny Berserker is tagged seasonal but not rare unlike most other seasonal characters that are tagged both rare and seasonal. Right now the game seems to be "stuck" on Halloween. They didn't even bother with a Christmas event.

It's not like they answer questions or fix bugs, i've tried. This game seems to be completely dead, not even the minimum amount of support.

The Jop -> RE: I have some questions about characters (4/11/2021 20:07:56)

Sorry, I think it has basically been abandoned since it never came out of Beta testing. I doubt Easter characters will be available again since the game hasn't seen any updates in years.

Mihaita0015 -> RE: I have some questions about characters (4/14/2021 9:47:05)

Wow, not even the bare minimum, like flipping a switch to activate the seasonal events. A big chunk of the characters are seasonal but i guess it is what it is. Thanks for the help.

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