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EidolonNightblade -> Evil Jim - Overkill house item (2/23/2021 7:04:44)

I was wondering if anyone has a current ship I.D. with evil jims overkill music box in it from the Turkageddon Event 2010? I was interested in visiting one for the nostalgia. [:)]

Digital X -> RE: Evil Jim - Overkill house item (2/23/2021 8:57:48)

If there was a way to search for specific House Items on char pages it would be an easy one. I'll have a look around and see what I can find.

Try ID: 2

EidolonNightblade -> RE: Evil Jim - Overkill house item (4/16/2021 14:39:35)

I cannot seem to find it on id: 2

PD -> RE: Evil Jim - Overkill house item (4/22/2021 21:26:09)

It was only 200 Nova Gems, and I figured that I still have a lot of old spare gems from a long time ago. Use my ID: 3739477. You'll have to go up to the Captain's Quarters to be able to access it. Click on the Boombox for some nice tunes.

Man I do miss this game back when it was getting updated. I loved this game so much. Though I am working on a solution to our troubles for those of us who want to see this game get the treatment it deserves...

Maybe... just maybe it will be crazy enough to work...

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