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Beshin Adin -> March 2021 (3/1/2021 12:04:31)

March 1 March Seasonal Set returns - Legion WarSeeker

March 5 Dage's Birthday returns
New upgrade package
Dage's 2021 birthday collection, week 1
Lucky Day Fair returns + new Lucky adventure

March 12 New Dage birthday event, Part 1
Dage's 2021 birthday collection, week 2

March 19 New Dage birthday event, Part 2
Dage's 2021 birthday collection, week 3

March 26 Darkon's Saga, Part 3
Wheel of Doom merge shop

March 28 Legion WarSeeker Seasonal Set leaves

Rtkat3 -> RE: March 2021 (3/1/2021 13:46:03)

Besides Dage the Evil's birthday, we got the third part of Darkon's saga coming up meaning that we'll be fighting more of those strange monsters. Someone of them from the last release were classified by Wikidot in the category of humans since they are part-human part-something else.

Beshin Adin -> RE: March 2021 (3/1/2021 15:08:19)

Finally, the mysterious So.........

Icetex -> RE: March 2021 (3/3/2021 22:02:08)


Someone of them from the last release were classified by Wikidot in the category of humans since they are part-human part-something else.

Actually, this just standard practice for the wiki for all human-based NPC's not really a connection to something else
it's not actually confirmed by AE as the wiki is edited by the regular players

Rtkat3 -> RE: March 2021 (3/4/2021 13:43:06)

@above I once tried editing on there and it wouldn't work for me. I thought it would be for it's staff members only.

Beshin Adin -> RE: March 2021 (3/5/2021 18:44:32)

So far, Faerie Grove is still the best Luck Day release

Icetex -> RE: March 2021 (3/5/2021 20:55:56)


I once tried editing on there and it wouldn't work for me. I thought it would be for its staff members only.

I wouldn't blame you if you thought that Wikidot is quite buggy with email verification in order to edit on the wiki
For example, Stexlth is a wiki editor but isn't AE staff in any way
the wiki for the longest time always been edited by players tris/apus/rickyb20 excluded tho
If You need assistance you can contact Rickb20 on discord if needed tho

Rtkat3 -> RE: March 2021 (3/6/2021 11:35:58)

I spoke to him on occasion on his Twitter account when it came to certain things.

Beshin Adin -> RE: March 2021 (3/12/2021 21:37:22)

In Dage Pt 1, the regular enemies are a bit TOO strong. They'd be fine around lv 40

Rtkat3 -> RE: March 2021 (3/13/2021 12:19:20)

If you have an issue with it, you can file a complaint with the AQW team. Plus, some of the Underworld's creatures were strong anyway.

The two-part release is a spoof of Dante's Inferno due to their version of "the bad place". In that story, the circles of the bad place consist of Limbo, Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Anger, Heresy, Violence, Fraud, and Treachery. Here's a recap on those circles:

* Limbo was where the virtuous pagans like Virgil and the unbaptized reside.
* Lust has those condemned in it blown around by restless winds.
* Gluttony as the gluttons moving around in mud and floul cold rain. At least the AQW Team were able to reuse the Cerberus trick by having Gluttony Guard recycled from Grrberus.
* Greed has the horders and wasters fighting each other with heavy sacks of gold.
* Anger has the wrathful struggling against each other in the river Styx.
* Heresy has the heretics trapped in flaming tombs.
* Violence has three sections. The first section as those who commit violence on others submerged in their respectful spot in the Phlegathon where Chiron and his centaurs make sure none of them get out. The second section is the Wood of the Suicides where those who committed violence on themselves were turned into gnarled thorny trees where harpies fed off them. The third section is the Plain of Burning Sand where those who committed violence against god, violence against nature, and violence against art are condemed with the blasphemers are stretched on the burning sand, the sodomites run around in circles, and the userers are crouched huddled and weeping.
* Fraud has ten sections. Panderers and seducers march in separate opposite lines while being whipped by demons. Flatterers are steeped in poop as they fight each other. Simoniacs are placed head first in tube-like holes as the flames burn on the souls of their feet. False prophets have their heads twisted backwards where they must walk backwards. Barrators are immersed in a boiling pitched while overseen by the Malabranche. The Hypocrites walk a narrow track wearing leaden robes that weigh them down. The thieves are pursued and bitten by snakes and lizards while being guarded by Cacus (a fire-breathing giant in Roman mythology that was depicted as centaur with a small dragon on his shoulder and snakes on his equine back in Dante's story). The counselors of fraud are hidden from view inside separate flames. The sowers of discord are hacked by a sword-wielding demon. The falsifiers suffer horrible diseases.
* Treachery is ringed by the classical and biblical giants were those committed acts of treachery are frozen in ice. Those who are traitors to their family have their necks and heads sticking out of the ice. Those who are traitors to their country have their heads sticking out of the ice where they are unable to bend their heads. Those who are traitors to their guests lie supine in the ice where their frozen tears keep their eyes shut. Those who are traitors to their lords are fully encased in ice. The center of "the bad place" is where Lucifer is entrapped up to his chest in ice as his wings beat in an attempt to break free.

Next week, we go to the next part of the circles and confront the Beast.

Beshin Adin -> RE: March 2021 (3/13/2021 14:55:57)

Nah, there's a difference between being dissatisfied and complaining

Rtkat3 -> RE: March 2021 (3/15/2021 12:36:25)

The last time they had strong undead, it was the map that had the Styx Hydra and the Cerberus.

Beshin Adin -> RE: March 2021 (3/15/2021 18:54:23)

Since we're on Dage releases, a memorable one to me was the Future War

Lukrecia -> RE: March 2021 (3/16/2021 7:25:01)

What I don't understand is the sudden censoring of the H-word for no reason. Especially since that other release with Fotia years back has basically had it as a slogan chant.

Rtkat3 -> RE: March 2021 (3/16/2021 13:07:33)

What brought that up?

Lukrecia -> RE: March 2021 (3/16/2021 13:22:58)

Virgil's quest called 'Heckhound'. Found it weird because I was sure the questionable word in question was used on a mob like that before. But as it turned out that mob was called 'Underworld Hound' instead.

Rtkat3 -> RE: March 2021 (3/17/2021 12:45:03)

This is a family MMORPG after all. That's why the Seven Circles go by this name and it's alias instead of the H.E. Double Hockey Sticks.

Prior to me asking about Tartarus, I was expecting us to run into our slain enemies who were imprisoned there. But with Tartarus being an alias of the Seven Circles, something tells me that the souls of the wicked were sent somewhere else like they did for the Rick Riordan stories that focused on Percy Jackson. In addition, Lore's version of Elysium would've been where the slain allies we made in the game would go like members of the Swordhaven Royal Family regardless of one getting Chaorrupted by Drakath.

We already know that the Infernal Realm is two realms to the left of the Underworld and that Gehenna is where the slain vampires go. The former location hasn't been fully explored yet.

Beshin Adin -> RE: March 2021 (3/17/2021 18:35:28)

So, we beat Lust, Gluttony, and Avarice (Greed). Friday, we fight Sloth, Envy, Pride, Wrath, and the Beast?

Rtkat3 -> RE: March 2021 (3/18/2021 11:54:22)

Reminder, the Circles of the Bad Place are Limbo, Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Anger, Heresy, Violence, Fraud, and Treachery.

The seven deadly sins you mentioned are represented on Mount Purgatory as the Bad Place doesn't have sections for Sloth and Envy.

Beshin Adin -> RE: March 2021 (3/18/2021 18:36:43)

Right, there are 9 circles, not 7............

Rtkat3 -> RE: March 2021 (3/19/2021 15:39:48)

Two of them must've been edited out for this two-part release.

Beshin Adin -> RE: March 2021 (3/20/2021 9:05:05)

This was one of those releases that would do skipping the first part, and going straight into the war

Rtkat3 -> RE: March 2021 (3/20/2021 12:52:52)

It was nice following the war that Dage the Evil put The Beast in it's place and took the other half of it's power while not taking The Beast's evil influence while Virgil used his tricks to strengthen The Beast's chains. Dage the Evil plans to use this power the next time he runs into Malgor. I can't say what Nulgath's reaction to this was. That will be for the AQW Team to decide.

Because of the war, they amalgamated the Circle of Violence and the Circle of Fraud with Geryon being a warm-up to the fight against Violence. Treachery proved to be a heavy-hitter.

Geryon is a recolored and recycled version of Chaos Dragon, but one of the dragon heads replaced the lion head that is on the Chaos Dragon's body. Does anybody recognize that dragon head? In "Dante's Inferno", Geryon had the face of a man, the paws of a lion, the body of a wyvern including the wings, and a long tail with a stinger on it. That version of Geryon transported Dante and Virgil to the Circle of Fraud.

The Beast appears to be this MMORPG's version of Lucifer who was entrapped in the ice of Lake Cocytus at the center of the Circle of Treachery. Like Lucifer in the video game adaption of "Dante's Inferno", The Beast tried to manipulate the players in trying to free it.

Beshin Adin -> RE: March 2021 (3/20/2021 15:30:36)

I still take issus with enemy level. Weaker enemies mightve saved me several hours.......

Rtkat3 -> RE: March 2021 (3/21/2021 12:40:16)

At least some of the enemies in the Seven Circles War were the same level as the ones in the Circle of Limbo.

Next week is said to be the third part of the Darkon saga meaning that we'll be fighting more strange monsters that were created through Darkon's experiments.

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