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Ultrapowerpie -> =Paxia= Is that... a banner? (4/7/2021 14:31:03)


My oh my, a mysterious new logo has been spotted across Paxia... What could it mean?

Zennistrad -> RE: =Paxia= Is that... a banner? (4/7/2021 14:52:42)

First we get class revamps, now Paxia events are returning? Next you'll tell me the Wizard Games are coming back, too! :o

Macho Man -> RE: =Paxia= Is that... a banner? (4/7/2021 15:10:09)

Is this... for real? First we get Archmage announced and now we get Paxia...mind blown [:D]

An event where the clans participate in an olympic challenge sounds cool to me

Ultrapowerpie -> RE: =Paxia= Is that... a banner? (4/7/2021 15:32:28)

Oh it's definitely for real, I promise that. I can't say anything about games of Wizards, not my department. In fact I've been mostly focused on Paxia and RL (RL taking huge priority but Paxia on the side)

But Paxia has not been forgotten (I know, feels like ages, has been).

Mortus Est -> RE: =Paxia= Is that... a banner? (4/8/2021 7:07:11)


Heroes of the Scape -> RE: =Paxia= Is that... a banner? (4/8/2021 11:23:00)

Arise Aerodu!! Prepare yourself and begin training.

SIGMUND -> RE: =Paxia= Is that... a banner? (4/12/2021 17:05:27)

Lucian Clan can return to switch on the lights. [;)]

Zennistrad -> RE: =Paxia= Is that... a banner? (4/19/2021 13:51:11)

Ooh, I just noticed that the "Igneus Clan Member" enemy has new art.

I guess we really are doing this!

Kilvakar -> RE: =Paxia= Is that... a banner? (4/25/2021 12:00:50)

Alright Clan loyalists, here we go!!

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