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The Nest - Epilogue

Location: Greenguard Region -> The Nest -> Epilogue
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Leaving the Nest
Release Date: April 23rd, 2021

Objective: Strange things are happening around the Nest!
Objective completed: All's well that ends well!

Experience rewarded: Scaled
Gold rewarded: Scaled

(7) Seed Spitter
(4) Snapperdilla
(5) UniCougar


Carved Dragon Scale (I-V)

Access to TNE Loot for DCs.


*You arrive at The Nest soon after receiving a message from Grace requesting for your assistance.*

<Character>: Grace! I got your message, is everything alright?
<Character>: Did Timmy fall down a well? Did Cole–
Grace: Everything is just fine, deary. Timothy is playing with his friends and Cole is doing his regular repairs.
<Character>: But your message said that something was off around here!
Grace: Oh something IS off.
<Character>: I don't follow...
Grace: We haven't had a single monster problem after you left. Not a single bandit trying to get some easy gains off a defenseless orphanage.
<Character>: And that's bad because...?
Grace: Usually we were safe because...
Grace: ...because when Messimy was around, any sane bandit or hungry creature would think twice about attacking this place... but now...
<Character>: Your first line of defense is gone...
Grace: Exactly. I suspect there's something in the woods. Something that keeps the other monsters away.
<Character>: That's... oddly specific. How can you tell?
Grace: The few critters that remain. They seem... frightened somehow. Avoiding the deep parts of the woods.
<Character>: I see...

<Character>: Would you like me to investigate?
Grace: If it's not too much trouble?
<Character>: Of course not! It's all in a day's work for a hero!
Grace: Thank you, deary! I'll be sure to have some cookies ready for when you return!

*You fight off several monsters in the woods and reach the foot of a cave.*

<Character>: No big monster? No shocking surprise?

<Character>: I'm almost disappointe–

*All of a sudden, you hear a roar from within the cave.*

<Character>: ...I don't know what I expected.
???: ENTER!
<Character>: I must be crazy...

<Character>: But sure, why not?

*You stand in front of Messimy, now in her dragon form.*

Messimy: Hello again, <Character>.
<Character>: ...Messimy?!
Messimy: The one and only.
<Character>: But how? I thought you were... y'know...
Messimy: Pushing daisies? 6 feet under? Off to the boneyard?
<Character>: I was going to say "dead", but all that works too.
Messimy: Well... As you can see, I'm still alive.
<Character>: I CAN see that.

<Character>: But... why are you in your dragon form?
Messimy: There lies the rub... I sustained too much damage from the dragonbane and slivers of it remain in my body.
Messimy: They're preventing me from going back to my human form. The best I could do was to shrink to a more... manageable size.
Messimy: But what brings you here?
<Character>: Grace was worried about the lack of monster and bandit attacks.
<Character>: She feared there was something big and dangerous hiding in the woods.
Messimy: Bless her heart. But she wasn't wrong. I'm hiding in the woods, I'm big AND dangerous as well!
<Character>: So you're probably the reason there's no bandits or monsters attacking the orphanage?
Messimy: Guilty as charged. I may not be able to go back to The Nest in this form, but I can still protect them!
<Character>: That's... admirable.
Messimy: Thank you. But I get the feeling you have more to say, questions to ask.
<Character>: I do. But I feel they might be very personal...
Messimy: You have helped my nest, kept my children safe. You may ask anything you want.
<Character>: In that case...

You are given a list of options to choose from:
  • Your human form?
  • The Rose?
  • The Nest?
  • That's all - continues the dialogue.
    • Your human form?
      <Character>: Why did you keep up your human form for so long?
      Messimy: I've always liked that form more than my current one. It's small, convenient and doesn't make people run in panic when you enter a town.
      <Character>: I see... that makes a lot of sense actually.

    • The Rose?
      <Character>: Why would a dragon join the Rose?
      Messimy: I've explained this to you before. I joined them because my children needed shelter and Lady Jaania was willing to fund the orphanage.
      <Character>: But what if she had found out about you being a dragon? She would've imprisoned you!
      Messimy: I doubt it... I somehow feel that Lady Jaania knew exactly what I was, like she looked right through me and saw me for what I am.
      <Character>: But if that's the case, why didn't she act on it?
      Messimy: My best guess is that she saw my intentions and knew I would never harm the children.
      <Character>: Alright then...

    • The Nest?
      <Character>: I know you have mentioned it to me before, but really... why did you start The Nest?
      Messimy: What I have told you before was part of the story.
      Messimy: I did start The Nest to give my children a safe haven from all the experiences they've been through before I took them in.
      <Character>: Ah...

      <Character>: A noble thing to do.
      Messimy: However there's a reason I started taking in these children... you see, I have always wanted children of my own, but...
      Messimy: ...a curse prevents me from having them.
      <Character>: A curse?
      Messimy: Yes.
      Messimy: A long time ago, I was the kind of wild dragon you read about in storybooks.
      Messimy: Plundering villages, gathering loot for my hoard and eating the occasional livestock.
      Messimy: It was the only life I knew. It was how my parents acted, and so too, did I.
      Messimy: It was a simple life, and looking back at it... not a fantastic one.
      Messimy: But it all changed when some villagers put money together to hire an adventurer to slay me!
      Messimy: The adventurer found my cave and challenged me to a battle. But rather than eating him, something else happened.
      <Character>: Oh?
      Messimy: I fell in love with him, and judging from his gaze, he fell in love with me.
      Messimy: We spoke for hours and hours, about humanity, about the pain and suffering I had inflicted on those poor townspeople.
      Messimy: Later that day, we returned to the town with the happy news that the dragon had been taken care of...
      Messimy: ...and the body removed to prevent it from turning undead.
      Messimy: I was introduced as his new partner that he came across on his journey to the dragon's lair.
      Messimy: The townspeople were a little suspicious at first, but...
      Messimy: Then we told them about the location of my lair and the treasures I had stockpiled there.
      Messimy: It was more than enough riches to pay for the damages I had done.
      Messimy: ...Minus a couple of bags full of gold that the adventurer took before we returned to the town.
      <Character>: He took them so the town didn't have to pay him anymore?
      Messimy: No. He still happily took their gold.
      <Character>: Oh...
      <Character>: What happened after that?
      Messimy: We traveled together, took jobs where we could, got paid for helping the towns we've been through.
      Messimy: Sometimes... when we were tight on money, a dragon would appear near a town and started threatening it...
      Messimy: ... and then, miraculously, a traveling adventurer would appear to get rid of the beast. For a price of, course.
      <Character>: You didn't...
      Messimy: I did... I was in love, I was stupid, I was used.
      Messimy: We kept this up for a couple of years. As my love for him grew, so did my blindness.
      Messimy: It was during an actual mission that a disaster struck. We had been hired to get rid of a witch that had been stealing children.
      Messimy: We found her, and after a long battle, we managed to strike the final blow.
      Messimy: However... with her final breath, she cast a curse on me. If she couldn't have the children, then neither could I.
      Messimy: My heart broke, my dreams shattered and my adventurer... he left me.
      <Character>: He just LEFT you?!
      Messimy: Apparently he had had a crazy, half-baked plan to have strong half-dragon children in the future.
      Messimy: Now that I couldn't have them anymore... he had no use for me.
      <Character>: That's... I... WHAT?!
      Messimy: Like I said, I was blind to his arrogance. Blinded by love and mesmerized by his charisma.
      <Character>: But... couldn't the curse be lifted? I know a couple of amazing mages that could–
      Messimy: Thank you, <Character>. But I've tried everything to no avail. Perhaps it's a part of me that doesn't want it to work as a punishment for my misdeeds.
      <Character>: I... see.
      <Character>: I'm sorry you've gone through all that.
      Messimy: The more I think about it, the more I think it was meant to be.
      Messimy: I had to repent for my troubled past, and because of it, I have helped many of the children in the Nest.
  • That's all
    <Character>: Will you stay here?
    Messimy: Yes. I will stay and protect my Nest. I will keep watching over them. And... please tell Grace that there's nothing to worry about.
    <Character>: Should I tell her it's you?
    Messimy: No.
    Messimy: I don't want her to see me like this again. She'd try to convince me to come live in the basement or something.
    <Character>: Hah, it's possible!

    <Character>: But alright, I won't tell.
    Messimy: Thank you, <Character>. For everything.
    <Character>: It was my pleasure.
    Messimy: If you ever require my help in the future, you know where to find me.
    <Character>: Thank you, Messimy.

    <Character>: I'll see you around!

  • Complete Quest
  • Loot for DCs - opens TNE Loot for DCs shop.

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