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raissycownzz -> 2 changes we need immediately (5/11/2021 17:16:18)

1- Increased PvP rewards or credits, we get 70 cred for 1v1 and 130 for 2v2 wins, and a few xp. Players cant rank up at pvp, thats why almost noone is playing pvp. I suggest actiivng x2 rewards forever. Why is active only at weekend?
2- rank balance system for 2v2 shouldnt exist. High ranks cant fight against lower ranks, the game put them in different lobby rooms. and this doesnt make sense, because 2v2 is about build, not about rank. and gets worst with the current number of players. 2v2 become rare. And how boring 2 players playing together forever. It should be random.

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