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OG Ranger -> Neko Charges and Companion Contract (6/10/2021 17:30:49)

I enjoy Neko but I find building charges to use their abilities difficult if I don't have a whole inventory dedicated to Neko. I am suggesting a way to get some Neko charges once per day(or login if you're feeling generous) if you pray to either to sun or moon statue which gives 100 charges.

OG Ranger -> RE: Neko Charges and Companion Contract (10/5/2021 0:58:14)

Companion Blood Contract

Mastercraft Neutral misc. Increase Pet/Guest damage and celerity potency but also increases monster damage.

Removes player celerity(s) when equipped. Pet/Guest celerities remain. The player specifically cannot gain celerity while this misc is equipped. When this misc is equipped the pets/guest will deal an additional *1.3 damage, but monster attacks deal *1.65/1.4 damage to you. The misc pays HP for celerity potency of +20. If the player's pet and/or guest attacked twice this turn pay the HP cost again at the end of the player's turn.

SapphireCatalyst2021 -> RE: Neko Charges and Companion Contract (10/5/2021 2:09:50)

I think I have seen this brought up before. If I am running my beast build, I can get 300-400-500 charges rather quickly, but others seem to have a hard time. I guess I think a free 100 charges upon logging in would be fine.

Of note, I think if you wield one of the shields from the neko shops you get a 5th charge point per turn? That adds up with time.

Lastly, you touched on something that is a problem . You alluded to "if you don't have a whole inventory dedicated to Neko"

Thats the issue. There just is a total lack of good BM items. The better stuff is all seasonal, z token,or guardian. Not one F2P charisma weapon. There just needs to be a lot of time on revamping old outdated items, even if its a complete redesign of mechanics to compliment BM's, as well as several new items that need released. The same can be said of other things too, which is why I think there needs to be a focus on updating older stuff over creating new stuff this next year.

OG Ranger -> RE: Neko Charges and Companion Contract (10/11/2021 19:25:33)

Gale's Friendly Spirit

Mastercraft wind 3 hit 100% proc ranged weapon. Imbues pet with the wind element and calls a wind guest.

Animation: Spirit in a bottle. The bottle uncorks and the spirit emerges and blows a gust of wind at the monster.

Effect: Click the jar for 2 quick cast options. The first option summons an SP wind guest. While the guest is summoned the weapon deals 40% damage. The guest deals +100% damage and pays for this by applying a minus bth save to player-based attacks at the start of each guest attack equal to -100 dex for 1 turn and paying an additional 30 SP. Buffet failed rolls can stack. (-BTH roll: Major split between CHA and END, Minor LUK). The second option imbues pet damage to wind for 1 turn.

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