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dra suzumebachi -> gold farming (6/10/2021 23:21:29)

what would be a good monster or quest to gold farm
i am level 35
i main doomknight overlord as a dodge tank by using thief enhancements and slamming my target with miasma every chance i get
i am not a legend

Legendary Ash -> RE: gold farming (6/11/2021 2:29:33)

Black Knight and Escherion's Helm in A Guide to AQWorlds Farming.

Lukrecia -> RE: gold farming (6/11/2021 12:29:27)

Right about now, leveling in /icestormarena should suffice you with enough gold, but you can also take Ash's advice if you don't have a farming class at hand. If you are feeling lucky though, seek out someone with a Drudgen pet (preferably somebody you can reliably go-to), accept 'Supplies To Spin The Wheel of Chance' and turn in the Escherion Helms for a 10% chance for a Voucher of Nulgath (Non-Mem) + 3% for member version, which is worth 250,000 gold each.

dra suzumebachi -> RE: gold farming (6/11/2021 15:51:09)

thank u both

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